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Can Dancing in the Rain Be Good for Your Health?

By Skye Sherman  •   February 6, 2023
•    Medically Reviewed By Dr. Christine Bishara, MD - Apr 17, 2023

Photo Credit: by Jordan-Al, Pixabay.com
Photo Credit: by Jordan-Al, Pixabay.com

Nothing can dampen your plans quite like a rainy day. For many people, an unexpected storm can totally ruin their day. When it rains on your parade, you may have to cancel what you hoped to do or at least shift your plans around to accommodate the weather.

But did you know that the arrival of rain doesn’t have to be a bad thing? There are actually many reasons to celebrate the arrival of rain, and one of the main ones is because the rain can actually be good for your health.

Don’t let the rain ruin your day. Read on to learn more about why dancing in the rain can improve your physical and mental health in a natural way.

Drew Barrymore made dancing in the rain trendy again

Dancing in the rain had a trendy moment when A-list celebrity Drew Barrymore posted a funny video of herself dancing in the rain and embracing a messy storm.

People reported: “While most people may choose to stay indoors when the weather turns to rain, the 47-year-old actress and talk show host showed fans she does just the opposite, sharing a video on Instagram over the weekend that showed her frolicking outside during a downpour. ‘Whenever you can go out into the rain, do not miss the opportunity!’ the smiling star said in the clip, taking off her glasses and looking up at the sky with laughter and glee.”

Millions of fans began recreating her video and posting similar videos of themselves outside frolicking in the rain. It became a viral Internet sensation, but the good news is that it’s not only fun and humorous, it can actually be beneficial to your health!

What do you need to do to dance in the rain? A playful attitude, a willingness to get silly, and the simple decision to get out there and get moving. You can skip, jump in puddles, prance, twirl, groove, shake, or make whatever movements your body desires. You don’t have to learn or know anything special because dancing in the rain doesn’t have to look pretty. It just has to feel good.

There’s just one thing you should keep in mind when dancing in the rain: it’s best to wear shoes. Not only will this protect your feet from potential hazards like glass, rocks, and sharp objects outside, it can protect against other potential dangers of going barefoot outside, such as ringworm or athlete’s foot.

While these fungal infections are easily treatable with antifungal medications like Jublia or Canesten HC Cream, it’s best to skip the pain and hassle by preventing the infection in the first place.

How dancing in the rain can benefit your mental health

Rain can be especially important to those with anxiety. That might seem counterintuitive because people with anxiety might have more to worry about when it’s raining. However, the truth is that if you switch your perspective on rain storms, they can actually be a soothing tool.

One of the most important things you can learn from a rainy day is that much of your happiness depends on your perspective. You can view a rainy day as a bummer and an inconvenience, or you can be like Drew Barrymore and celebrate the amazing opportunity Earth has provided to frolick and play during a necessary and natural earthly process.

A rainy day is simply one element of the human experience here on Earth, and it can be a happy and delightful occasion if you simply decide to make it one! Of course, those suffering from clinical depression should seek advice and treatment from a medical professional, who may be able to prescribe antidepressant medications such as Trintellix when necessary. Trintellix is manufactured by Lundbeck, the brand name for vortioxetine in Canada and sold under the brand name Brintellix in the US and EU. This drug is used to treat major depression, not anxiety. But for others, self-care activities and playful fun like dancing in the rain could make a major difference.

This is one of the best mental exercises you can perform for your mental and emotional health: switching your perspective and practicing gratitude instead of complaining. See “setbacks” as opportunities to have fun, enjoy, learn, and make the most of a situation you cannot control.

On top of all that, remember that stress is a silent killer. Stress can lead to heart disease, weight gain, and much more. So much of your mental health depends on your perspective. If you get all upset every time the weather doesn’t cooperate, you’re destined to live your life bending to the whims of the earth and your surroundings.

Instead, learn to be happy despite your circumstances. This puts you in control of your destiny and can improve your overall health thanks to lowered cortisol levels, better sleep, better dietary choices, more activity in your day to day, better social interactions, and beyond.

How dancing in the rain can benefit your physical health

Aside from all of its benefits to mental health, the rain can provide tangible benefits to your physical health. Pulse FM lists some of the main physical benefits of rain:

● “Getting active in the rain and chilly weather burns more fats and calories! Makes sense, that energy demand rises when running in cold or rainy weather causing an increase in metabolism.

● It helps you exercise longer and faster! Of course, when we get active our muscles heat up as do we and rain is like our cooling system!

● Relax, says the rain – the repeated non-threatening sound is therapeutic in its message to relax, relax, relax, relax….

Your body learns to adjust – and as it should be able to handle different situations! When you go from dry to wet it forces your body to adjust and can actually make you quicker on your feet!

Rain cleans the air – and we know how much pollution is in our environments – so again, thanks rain!

● It’s great for your skin and hair! Unlike our tap-water, rainwater is fresh and doesn’t contain harmful particles and minerals – plus its alkaline which doesn’t mess with our own PH levels.”

As you can see, rain has many natural benefits! It is cleansing, relaxing, and can even inspire you to get up and get moving if you view the rainy forecast as a beautiful opportunity rather than “bad” weather.

Moreover, don’t cancel your daily walk or run next time there’s rain in the forecast. According to Body and Soul, “there are actually some pretty impressive benefits of walking or running in the rain which may have even the most reluctant soon singing along too.”

The article goes on to list these benefits to your physical health if you run or walk in the rain:

1. “It’s a sensory experience

2. It is freeing and endorphin releasing

3. It gives us time to think

4. The sound and smell are calming (Because rain is a type of white noise, it can be soothing, meaning you can get your steps up, while taking in nature’s calming soundtrack at the same time. … The distinctive smell that soothes your mind and body even has its own name– Petrichor which was coined in the 1960s by two Australian scientists.)

5. There are less people

6. It metaphorically washes the day away

7. The air is cleaner (An MIT study published in the journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics showed that the air is actually cleaner during and after heavy rainfall.)

8. It’s good for your skin and hair (A 2016 study found that the rain plays a pivotal role in skin health driving humidity which helps freshen and moisturize our skin and hair.)

9. Walking or running in the cold can burn more fat (You burn more calories walking or running in the wet and cold than in a dry and warm environment.)”

How to improve your health by dancing in the rain: make a rainy day kit

Want to experience the mental and physical health benefits of dancing in the rain? The next time it rains, make it something to look forward to! Check the weather report so it doesn’t catch you by surprise, and create a rainy day kit with all your necessities so you’re prepared for when it rains and excited by the type of weather that used to bum you out.

A rainy day kit contains all you need to make your next rainy day a happy and comfortable one. Getting soggy when you least expect it is no fun… you might ruin a brand-new pair of your favorite shoes or end up with a bad hair day. But if you have the proper protective gear and equipment, you will experience all the perks of a rainy day with none of the drawbacks.

Some of the best items to include in your rainy day kit are waterproof rain boots (to keep your feet warm and dry), a rain jacket with a hood, and an umbrella. You might also want to wear sunscreen when you dance in the rain, because believe it or not, you can still get sunburned even when it’s overcast and cloudy.

No matter how hard it rains, remember it’s only temporary. The sun will always come out again because that’s the natural cycle of life. Enjoy the rainy days and sunny days the same, and the weather will only make your life better and happier overall.



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