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Ivermectin for Pets: All You Need to Know

by Dr Jo de Klerk    •    May 31, 2021

Ivermectin for Pets: All You Need to Know preview

Ivermectin is medication used for treatment of parasites in animals. It is grouped with some other similar drugs under the class of macrocyclic lactones, and commonly used by farm animal and domestic animal veterinarians to treat all manner of external and internal parasites in dogs, cats, cattle, pigs, and horses.

The Health & Beauty Benefits of Roses

by Carrie Borzillo    •    May 17, 2021

The Health & Beauty Benefits of Roses preview

Everything’s coming up roses! Everywhere we look there’s a new rose product on the market for your skin, home, or belly! In your regular grocery stores, you can find rose-scented household cleansers and soaps by Mrs. Myers, rose water drinks by Dirty Lemon, and even rose water shampoo and conditioner by Pantene.


The purpose of the above content is to raise awareness only and does not advocate treatment or diagnosis. This information should not be substituted for your physician's consultation and it should not indicate that use of the drug is safe and suitable for you or your (pet). Seek professional medical advice and treatment if you have any questions or concerns.