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The Psoriasis Diet: What to Eat (and Avoid)

by Skye Sherman    •    November 22, 2021

The Psoriasis Diet: What to Eat and Avoid preview

If you have psoriasis or know someone with this itchy and unsightly skin condition, you know how uncomfortable it can be. For most people, a psoriasis flare-up means patches of red, itchy, flaky, scaly skin, which not only makes you self-conscious of your appearance, but also feels unpleasant physically.

Erectile Dysfunction Patient Yoon Si Yoon Has a Big Surprise in “You Raise Me Up”

by CANPharmacyKing    •    November 8, 2021

You Raise Me Up Infographic preview

We all know the famous Korean actor Yoon Si Yoon. But have you seen him starring in his latest movie “You Raise Me Up”? This romantic K-drama comedy tells the story of a young man struggling with erectile dysfunction.


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