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Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Mental Health

by Natasha Tracy    •    April 1, 2019

On Instagram, you can find information on everything, including mental health. However, Instagram can give you positive or negative messages about mental health. If you’re dealing with a mental health challenge, you want to focus on those accounts that can provide positive messages in the forms of trusted mental health information, motivational messages and maybe even a little humor. These are the best Instagram accounts to follow to support your mental health.

Top 20 Best-selling Prescriptions Filled by Canadian Pharmacy King

by Carissa Andrews    •    August 20, 2018

Best-selling prescriptions filled by CanadianPharmacyKing.com
As of summer 2018, here’s a list of our 20 most popular prescriptions filled by our Canadian Pharmacy. Let’s have a closer look to see if any of your medications are on the list and if we could be saving you some cash.

Google Search: Why My Cats Sleep So Much?

by CANPharmacyKing    •    April 2, 2018

Google Search: Why My Cats Sleep So Much preview

How's your #BankHolidayMonday going? ... I just asked google why cats sleep so much.

How Can Tadalift Help Men with ED?

by CANPharmacyKing    •    March 15, 2016

How Can Tadalift Help ED preview

Tadalift is a new generic version manufactured by Pfizer in India. We stock different versions of generic Tadalifil (Cialis) from different suppliers over the world, including Tadalista (by Fortune), Megalis (by Macleods), Tagra or Tadacip (by Cipla), Exilar (by Sava).

Generic Versions of Sildenafil

by Tiffany    •    May 29, 2015

Myl-Sildenafil (Sildenafil, brand name: Viagra) is manufactured by Mylan in Canada strengths in 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 4 tablets per pack. Sildenafil comes in blister packs and bottle (only 100 mg) of pills. Generic Sildenafil from Canada is also made from Sandoz, Mint and other manufacturers.

Sildenafil from Mylan Canada
Currently we also carry different generic versions of Sildenafil come from the UK made by Dr. Reddy's (8 film-coated tablets pack) and Milpharm (4 film-coated tablets pack) or other manufacturers.
Sildenafil from UK
A valid prescription is required to buy generic Sildenafil.

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