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Will Covid-19 Affect My Pets?

by Carissa Andrews    •    April 27, 2020

Will Covid-19 Affect My Pets preview

Everyone has been on high alert since the coronavirus quarantine went into effect last month. Many have been wondering when the next shoe will drop. Over the past couple of weeks, new evidence has been presented that suggest animals could be more susceptible to the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 in humans. In turn, this has many pet owners wondering if they can catch the coronavirus from animals.

7 Creative Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Coronavirus

by Carissa Andrews    •    April 13, 2020

7 Creative Activities to Keep Kids Busy During Coronavirus preview

At the beginning of March, it would have been hard to believe most parents around the world would be taking a crash course on home schooling our kids. Yet, here we are, looking for ways to keep our kids busy, educated, and entertained thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us aren’t prepared for such a task, so we’re actively on the hunt of parenting tips that will help us with lessons to teach kids during this time of self-isolation.


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