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How Inflation and Interest Rate Hikes Impact Our Mental Health

by Natasha Tracy    •    October 10, 2022

Everyone knows that high inflation means that everyday items will cost more, and interest rate hikes will make mortgages more expensive too, but have you considered what the effects of these financial forces will be on your mental health?

How Weather Events and Climate Change Are Affecting Mental Health

by Natasha Tracy    •    July 4, 2022

How weather affects mental health
While most people are aware that extreme weather events and climate change are harming humanity on a global scale, many people aren’t aware that weather and climate change are also harming people’s mental health.

Why Are Psychiatrists, Psychologists Treating Long COVID-19?

by Natasha Tracy    •    May 9, 2022

It is thought that long COVID-19 or post-COVID-19 syndrome is being felt by more than three million Americans. Long COVID-19 is when symptoms do not go away after the acute period of illness, which, in mild to moderate cases lasts about two weeks.

Use Daily Mental Hygiene to Improve Your Mental Health

by Natasha Tracy B.Sc    •    March 7, 2022

Use Daily Mental Hygiene to Improve Your Mental Health preview

Mental hygiene isn’t something many people have heard of and so many don't know how beneficial it can be on a daily basis. But just like dental hygiene is about avoiding health problems in your mouth down the line, daily mental hygiene is about avoiding mental health problems down the line.

Setting New Year’s Resolutions When You Have Anxiety

by Natasha Tracy B.Sc    •    January 17, 2022

Setting New Year’s Resolutions When You Have Anxiety preview

New year’s resolutions are common, but some people have trouble making them, and, of course, many people have trouble keeping them. One reason a person might have trouble making resolutions is anxiety.

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