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Dr Jekylle A Winning Transformation

by Mark    •    February 28, 2014

Dr Jekylle a winning transformation preview

In the famous story by Robert Louis Stevenson, mild mannered pillar of society Henry Jekyll drinks a strange potion and is transformed into a horrible alter ego with disastrous results. In our cartoon he becomes something much worse: a cheating gold medal winner. Although given the range of nasty side effects (and the risk of detection and public disgrace), you might think it not worth it.

Pharmacist 10000 years BC

by Liubov Edwards    •    February 27, 2014

Pharmacist 10000 years BC preview

At Stone Age period, a customer was talking to the pharmacist and asking for headache relief medicine in Cave People Pharmacy.

5 Reasons We Love the Winter Olympics

by Carissa Andrews    •    February 25, 2014

Dr Jekylle a winning transformation preview

The whole world has been glued to it; the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, that is. Kicking off on Thursday, February 6th and finishing up Sunday, February 23rd, the Winter Olympics imbues us all with a mystical fascination as we watch.

Something Between the Ears

by Mark    •    February 24, 2014

Something between the ears preview

The strange things that lurk in our bodies! One can almost feel sorry for the doctors who have to probe our every nook and cranny in search of the causes of our various ailments. - never knowing what they're going to find!

Olympic Dope Testing

by Mark    •    February 23, 2014

Olympic dope testing preview

With the pressures on modern athletes it seems that instances of them taking banned substances to enhance their performance is never going to go away. In the Sochi 2014 Olympics there were no fewer than 7 athletes who tested positive for them. The practice has a long history: some ancient Greek athletes used to eat lizard meat in the belief this would help them to win . . . eerrgh!

Reinventing the Tonight Show

by Carissa    •    February 22, 2014

Can you feel that? There's been a shift in the winds of late night television and it's blowing in a breath of fresh air.

We all have our memories of the Tonight Show. For some of us, this means watching with our parents until they finally tell us to go to bed, and we begrudgingly listen. Others of us have watched from the very beginning. Either way, it's safe to say this show is an icon and that's not about to change.

Monday, February 17th, 2014 marked the day when the Tonight Show transitioned from a twenty-two year run with Jay Leno (give or take seven odd months while Conan O'Brien was on board), to the multi-talented comedian Jimmy Fallon.

Advantages of Online Ordering

by Mark    •    February 21, 2014

Advantages of online ordering preview

Have you ever stood in a pharmacy dreading taking your intended purchase to the payment desk because the item is of a personal nature; or left with a tube of toothpaste instead of a box of condoms?

“Senior Moments” May Just Be…Moments

by Krasna    •    February 18, 2014

Most of the people we know who are past a certain age make more or less frequent reference, often with a shrug and a rueful laugh, to having "senior moments." The term 'senior moment' itself is so common that we tend to apply it to every memory lapse, even tiny, ordinary ones. It's become a reflex, like saying 'please' or 'bless you' even when we're alone. Anyone ever bump into a chair at home and say 'excuse me?' Bernard Carey joked in the New York Times, "The story is familiar...for anyone who is over 50 and, having finally learned to live fully in the moment, discovers it's a senior moment."

In a Texas A&M study, researchers asked a group that averaged 75 years old how old they felt, both before and after administering brief memory tests. Subjective age declined nearly five years, from 58.6 to 63.1.

Hemlet the Depressive Dane

by Mark    •    February 17, 2014

Hemlet depressive dane preview

Depression takes many forms and some of our most famous literary creations suffered from this condition, from Sherlock Holmes to Shakespear's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Fortunately these days there are a range of highly effective drug therapies which can alleviate this crippling affliction.

A Spoonful of Sugar

by Krasna    •    February 14, 2014

It makes the medicine go down, right?

And that's not all the delightful things sugar can do"a good thing, since we eat over 50 pounds of it (24kg) each year.

There's plenty of evidence that a moderate amount of sugar is quite a good source of energy, and it makes our skin plump and glowing as well. The sugar industry reminds us that it's much better for us than other kinds of sweeteners. So maybe a little isn't a bad thing.

And let's not forget that you can't really have good chocolate without getting some sugar...

Cupid Get Some Assistance

by Mark    •    February 13, 2014

Cupid gets some assistance preview

Sometimes Cupid really does need a bit of help. Erectile dysfunction is a common complaint and not just for the more senior of our male citizens. So why not take some precautions and ensure you never wilt in front of your partner.

Shelter from the Blues

by Mark    •    February 12, 2014

Shelter from the blues preview

If people actually turned blue when they were depressed it would certainly make diagnosis of this condition easier. Authorities differ as to the origin of the phrase "feeling blue" - possibly it goes back to the 16th century - but few would disagree that clinical depression is a serious disorder. Thankfully medical science has moved on, and can now offer effective shelter from its symptoms.

Home Safety Tips with a Twist

by Jane R. LeBlanc    •    February 6, 2014

These safety tips are great for seniors and younger folk, alike. You can never be too safe around the house. Now, a night on the town? That’s a different story.

• Make sure all rugs in the house have a non-slip backing. Have a rug a dear friend gave you that you secretly hate? Now you have a reason to stow it away!

• Install grab bars in the bathroom by the toilet and tub. They’ll provide stability in these often-slippery areas (and serve as a great place to drape wet pantyhose).


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