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The Power of Gratitude: How Being Grateful Improves Mental Health

by Nicole Sell    •    February 20, 2023

Having a feeling of gratitude can be one of the most life-affirming and transformative experiences, but did you know it can also improve your mental health? From boosting happiness and decreasing depression to improving physical health and reducing stress hormones, recent research suggests that consistent gratitude practice can significantly affect our emotional and physical well-being. Whether through expressing thanks for the blessings in your life or simply writing down things you're grateful for, this powerful emotion can provide us with a means to take control of our mental health. Read on as we explore the remarkable power of gratitude and how it can lead to improved mental health.

Can Dancing in the Rain Be Good for Your Health?

by Skye Sherman    •    February 6, 2023

Can Dancing in the Rain Be Good for Your Health preview
Nothing can dampen your plans quite like a rainy day. For many people, an unexpected storm can totally ruin their day.


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