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Generic Versions of Sildenafil

by Tiffany    •    May 29, 2015

Myl-Sildenafil (Sildenafil, brand name: Viagra) is manufactured by Mylan in Canada strengths in 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 4 tablets per pack. Sildenafil comes in blister packs and bottle (only 100 mg) of pills. Generic Sildenafil from Canada is also made from Sandoz, Mint and other manufacturers.

Sildenafil from Mylan Canada
Currently we also carry different generic versions of Sildenafil come from the UK made by Dr. Reddy's (8 film-coated tablets pack) and Milpharm (4 film-coated tablets pack) or other manufacturers.
Sildenafil from UK
A valid prescription is required to buy generic Sildenafil.

Mental Health and “Game of Thrones”: Narcissists Oh My!

by Natasha Tracy    •    May 25, 2015

by outsiderzone
by outsiderzone
Mental health probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind when you think Game of Thrones, and according to licensed mental health counselor Colleen Jordan, that’s probably a good thing because Game of Thrones is full of sociopaths, borderlines, narcissists, alcoholics, and people suffering from delusions. Character by character, mental illness is plotted throughout Westeros. Characters we love and characters we love to hate are all there in their mentally ill glory.

And while in real life that wouldn’t be any fun, in Westeros it sure makes for great drama.

The Surprising Side Effects of Grooming

by Liubov Edwards    •    May 22, 2015

Use of anabolic-androgenic steroids or synthetic testosterone helps to sculpt a well-muscled body much faster, than just by taking physical exercises. Long term of using them leads to very unpleasant and bad side effects. Side effects include: increased body hair, aggressive behaviour, fluid retention, elevated blood pressure, sleeplessness, increased irritability...

Music Is My Drug: The Passing of B.B. King

by Carissa Andrews    •    May 20, 2015

by irisphoto11
by irisphoto11
Growing up, the music in my house revolved more around Classic Rock than Blues, but even this Minnesotan gal has heard of the great B.B. King. Truthfully, though, until his passing, I knew very little about the man himself. Sometimes life is funny like that. We get so caught up in all the little things in our own lives, the different aspects pulling our attention from the start, that we miss some of life’s amazing people, places, and things in our periphery. B.B. King is one such amazing man.

Born Riley B. King on September 16th, 1925 in a cabin on the bank of Bear Creek in Berclair, Missisippi – he earned his nickname of B.B. King (shortened from “Beale Street Blues Boy", or “Blues Boy") when he cut his first record in 1949. Seems a fitting nickname, and clearly it stuck.

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

by Natasha Tracy    •    May 14, 2015

Borderline personality disorder (often shortened to BPD) is a mental illness that negatively affects one’s thoughts, feelings, mood, functioning, and relationships. In short, people with borderline personality disorder often have very strong emotions such as anger, despair, or anxiety that cause them to overreact or act-out in a variety of ways. In relationships, a person with BPD is likely to idealize the other person initially, and then devalue them in time, causing intense and unstable relationships. People with this disorder often turn to drugs and alcohol to handle these strong emotions. Borderline personality disorder is rarely diagnosed in those of 40 or those under 18.

These very strong emotional states and dysfunctional ways of dealing with them often lead to self-harm (in between 70-75% of cases) or even suicide.

How To Avert Deadly Medication Mix-ups

by Carissa Andrews    •    May 12, 2015

Medication errors can occur anywhere a medication is in the hands of a human. Sometimes, these errors can have dire consequences. Medication mistakes affect 1.5 million Americans or more every year, and according to the Institute of Medicine, at least a quarter of the errors are preventable. A key component is taking responsibility for your health and communicating with the doctors involved in your care.

While medication errors can happen on all levels, we have some tips for the top three ways they could affect you.

Avert Mix-ups at Hospital Level

Researched published in the Journal of Patient Safety, estimated that hospital medical errors contribute to the deaths of between 210,000 and 440,000 patients.


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