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Dog Lovers Have Lower Blood Pressure. But Why?

by Carissa Andrews    •    November 18, 2019

Many people adopt dogs looking for a companion in life. However, getting a four-legged companion comes with more benefits than just cuddles and a cute face. Did you know your furry friend may also help lower your blood pressure?

Lupus: Top 10 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn't Know

by Carissa Andrews    •    November 4, 2019

10 Surprising Facts about Lupus
Unless you have lupus yourself, there’s a good chance your understanding of this autoimmune disorder is limited. Coupled with plenty of misinformation and the lack of clear advice, living with this condition can be frustrating, as well as painful. Raising the awareness of this disease by sharing the facts is one step toward more understanding and support for those who live with it on a daily basis.


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