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Ivermectin for Pets: All You Need to Know

by Dr Jo de Klerk    •    May 31, 2021

Ivermectin for Pets: All You Need to Know preview

Ivermectin is medication used for treatment of parasites in animals. It is grouped with some other similar drugs under the class of macrocyclic lactones, and commonly used by farm animal and domestic animal veterinarians to treat all manner of external and internal parasites in dogs, cats, cattle, pigs, and horses.

Will Covid-19 Affect My Pets?

by Carissa Andrews    •    April 27, 2020

Will Covid-19 Affect My Pets preview

Everyone has been on high alert since the coronavirus quarantine went into effect last month. Many have been wondering when the next shoe will drop. Over the past couple of weeks, new evidence has been presented that suggest animals could be more susceptible to the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 in humans. In turn, this has many pet owners wondering if they can catch the coronavirus from animals.

Dog Lovers Have Lower Blood Pressure. But Why?

by Carissa Andrews    •    November 18, 2019

Many people adopt dogs looking for a companion in life. However, getting a four-legged companion comes with more benefits than just cuddles and a cute face. Did you know your furry friend may also help lower your blood pressure?


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