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New Annual Survey for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI)

By CANPharmacyKing  •   January 17, 2023

CPPI new campaign survey

Please take the NEW Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation Annual Survey!

2022 has seen unprecedented attacks against personal prescription importation by Big Pharma and we need your help now more than ever in the fight to ensure access to affordable medications. This survey will take only a few moments of your time and your input is critical to advancing the truth regarding patients’ need for access to affordable medications.

Congress and government leaders need to know the truth about safe and affordable personal prescription importation.

Take the survey here

Last year’s “CPPI Personal Prescription Importation Survey” demonstrates the incredible $3,744 average annual savings that Americans can access through personal prescription importation. Highlights from the survey help us tell the important story of prescription importation:

• Increase in average reported savings, up to $3,744 in 2021 from $2,736 in 2020 for Americans who import prescription medications from certified online Canadian pharmacies - compared to U.S. costs.

• 95% of respondents cite the high cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. as the primary reason for ordering from licensed online Canadian pharmacies.

• 98% of respondents would recommend importation to their friends and family members.

Learn more about CPPI here



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