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Tension or Hypertension?

by Liubov Edwards    •    April 30, 2015

A new study shows that dining out can be directly linked to hypertension risk. People with hypertension are at risk for kidney failure and stroke. In the US there are almost 2 million children and 70 million adults are affected by hypertension. Eating meals away from home usually includes consuming a higher intake of calories, saturated fat and salt which can cause high blood pressure.

Strange Ways to Manage Pain

by Carissa Andrews    •    April 27, 2015

Pain in life is inevitable, but the way we manage it can vary from person to person. Some people are able to grin and bear it, while others might cringe just at the thought. Yet without pain, our body would have no way of protecting us from dangers that could become life threatening without immediate attention.

12 Tantalizing Tips For Your Best Sex Ever

by Carissa Andrews    •    April 20, 2015

Let’s face it, life gets busy; and when it does, sometimes the last thing on our minds is sex. I mean, who’s thinking of doing the dirty while changing a screaming baby’s poo diaper? Or when you’re feeling like a bloated orangutan that just downed a pint of Tom and Jerry’s because the stress of the day got the better of you? Regardless of the reason, the season, or the length of your relationship everyone goes through droughts in their sexual relationship. As I stated in a previous article, as many as 43% of women suffer some form of sexual dysfunction – that’s approximately 16 million women in the United States alone that have lost touch (pardon the pun) with an important part of their lives. As funny as comedians make the supposed sexual doldrums of married life, many couples don’t find it all that amusing. In fact, more women than not would like to have a more fulfilling sex life with their partners. I’m willing to wager the men are right there with them.

The 'Greatest' Threat to the National Security

by Liubov Edwards    •    April 16, 2015

Currently, 15,000 potential annual recruits fail their physicals and an additional 27% are turned away due to obesity.

Although a civilian may pass the minimum physical requirements to join the U.S. military, poor health results in training injuries.

Keeping Sex Hot in Your Senior Years

by Carissa Andrews    •    April 13, 2015

In modern society, we’ve lost our way when it comes to not only accepting the wisdom and benefit that comes with age and experience – but we’ve also tried to shut out essential elements of what it means to be a senior. Gone are the days of revering and respecting the elders in our communities (which, by the way, is something this Minnesotan woman feels should really be reintroduced), and in are the days when only the virility of the young is admired most.

What is Childhood-Onset Schizophrenia?

by Natasha Tracy    •    April 9, 2015

Childhood-onset schizophrenia is rare. The onset of schizophrenia is usually between the late teens and mid-30s with men experiencing a first psychotic episode, on average, in their early to middle 20s while women experience their first episode a little later, typically in their late 20s. Total numbers of people with schizophrenia reaches about 1% of the population.

That being said, a small percentage of people with schizophrenia have childhood-onset schizophrenia.

Generic Drugs 101: Getting to Know the Generics

by CanadianPharmacyKing    •    April 7, 2015

Generic drugs are beginning to take the world by storm as they grow at a remarkable rate of 10% every year. In fact, 86% of prescriptions are now generically written. Which is a huge number when you think about it. So while they are widely accepted, prescribed, and purchased, there are still a lot of misconceptions circling these cost-saving medications. If you’re one who knows you could save money, but still aren’t too sure about generic drugs, this Infograph is for you. We’ll cover what generics are and are not, common misconceptions, trivia & facts, and even tips for choosing the right generic drugs for you.

Are you ready to take your knowledge on generic drugs to the next level?


The purpose of the above content is to raise awareness only and does not advocate treatment or diagnosis. This information should not be substituted for your physician's consultation and it should not indicate that use of the drug is safe and suitable for you or your (pet). Seek professional medical advice and treatment if you have any questions or concerns.