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Generic Competition for Diovan

By Tiffany  •   February 13, 2015

Novartis may finally face the generic competition for Diovan. In the first week of July 2014, India’s Ranbaxy got approval to launch a cheap generic version of Diovan in the US. After Ranbaxy, three domestic pharmaceutical companies – Lupin, Aurobindo Pharma and Jubilant Life Sciences – have received final approval from the US drug regulator to sell generic valsartan in the US.

On Jan 2015, global pharmaceutical companies Mylan and Teva have received the final approval for selling version of Diovan. Sandoz, the generic division of Novartis also announced the US introduction of an authorized generic version of the leading anti-hypertensive medicines in July 8, 2014. Now, an onslaught of competition is coming. Novartis will not only face stepped-up competition for the Diovan brand, but for its own authorized generic copy.

Valsartan (trade name Diovan) is an angiotensin II receptor antagonist (more commonly called an ARB, or angiotensin receptor blocker), used to treat of high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Valsartan is marketed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals, had annual sales of approximately $1.8 billion in the United States, according to IMS data as of October 2014.


Do not take Diovan and Diovan HCT if you are allergic to Valsartan or hydrochlorothiazide, or if you have low or no urine output (anuria). If you get pregnant while you are taking Diovan or Diovan HCT, inform your doctor right away. Valsartan or hydrochlorothiazide can cause serious harm or death to the fetus or an unborn baby.

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