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Stephen King – 23 Fascinating Facts About the King of Horror

By CANPharmacyKing  •   September 16, 2019

Stephen King is known world-wide as the “King of Horror” to fans of his literary works, but he didn’t start out that way. It took him years to get his writing career off the ground. However, his love of writing did extend far back into his own school years. Before he went on to become a master craftsman of the written word, did you know King was a High School English Teacher?

There are actually a ton of fascinating fact about the man most know as a household name. For example, did you know he suffers from triskaidekaphobia? Or he’s been married to his wife Tabitha for 48 years? Or he’s sold more than 350 copies of his books worldwide?

There are a good many things that make Stephen King an incredible writer and completely interesting person. Check out Canadian Pharmacy King’s list of the 23 most fascinating facts about the King of Horror. We think you’ll find the list as impressive as he is.

Stephen King Infographic – 23 Fascinating Facts About the King of Horror

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