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Quit Smoking and A Prolong Life: It Can be Done

By Liubov Edwards  •   November 30, 2016

Quit Smoking and A Prolong Life: It Can be Done

It is well known that smoking is harmful for human’s health, but how harmful? Now scientists know exactly what number of DNA mutation can be caused by smoking.

On average, every 50 cigarettes smoked are responsible for one DNA mutation per lung. 20 cigarettes a day smoked for a year can generate 150 mutations per lung cell, 97 per larynx cell, 39 per pharynx cell, 18 per bladder cell and 6 per liver cell. What happens next is purely down to luck, but every DNA mutation can potentially cause generic damage, which can become cancerous.

It does sound scary, does not it?

There is a hope, and it is in quitting smoking, which is not easy, but luckily there are many ways to do it, for example using Nicorette gum that can double your changes or quitting, or Nicorette inhaler can help with cravings by releasing nicotine which is absorbed through the lining of the mouth and enters the bloodstream.

it's not too late to quit smoking for any age. You can see some instant health benefits of smoking cessation. Though quitting will not reverse mutations which already happened, but it still can prolong your life and help to avoid risk of tobacco-caused death.


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