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Where the US Presidential Candidates Stand on Health Care

By CANPharmacyKing  •   July 5, 2016

Infographic courtesy by online pharmacies in Canada

After a rough primary season, the American voters have finally whittled down the contenders for the Presidency to the final two candidates. The Democrats are supporting long time favorite Hillary Clinton, and the Republicans are supporting brash political outsider Donald Trump. While this is a historical and important election for a number of reasons, whoever lives in the White House starting in 2017 will unquestionably affect the future of American health care.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed in 2010, and it has slowly changed how people buy insurance and receive care in America. But the next President will have a huge influence on whether the legislation is expanded upon or repealed entirely. But while Trump and Clinton have different strategies for controlling health care costs and increasing coverage, they interestingly agree on certain health issues.

Want to know which ones? Check out the infographic below. It outlines the proposed health care policies of both major candidates, based on plans they have published on their websites and public statements.

Which one do you agree with? Are you more for Hillarycare or Trumpcare?

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