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How to Help Someone with Diogenes Syndrome

By Liubov Edwards  •   January 18, 2017

How to Help Someone with Diogenes Syndrome

This condition is most common among elderly people and associated with the development of dementia. Affected by this syndrome, they neglect personal hygiene, become hoarders, isolate themselves from outside world. If not treated, it can trigger other conditions, like dermatitis passivata - a skin condition, when a nasty crust develops over the skin. This is usually due to a lack of regular washing. It can also be followed by paranoia and poor nutrition Cases of Diogenes syndrome should be handled with extreme sensitivity and helping such a person is a challenge.

Currently there is no specific treatment for this conditions, but psychological therapy or counseling can be prescribed. People with Diogenes syndrome are fearful of medical establishments, so often treatment has to be carried out by home health or community care workers.


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