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Healing with Your Dreams

By Liubov Edwards  •   March 1, 2017

Healing with Your Dreams

A new study finds that sleep can be used to practise a special type of therapy to help people with post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and people suffering from nightmares. This practice called lucid dreams, and it means that a person is aware and able to control their actions and even emotions when he is asleep.

The special techniques so-called “reality checks” and “wake-back-to-bed” allows people to change their dreams from within.

For example, if someone has nightmares of falling, he can turn them into flying dreams, or if he is being pursued, he can stop running and turn towards the pursuer, standing his ground.

Lucid dream training may lead to an enrichment of dreaming life, not only decreasing nightmares but increasing positive and transformative dream experiences.

Lucid dream work has not yet made its way into clinical practice, as it require more research to be done and more therapists to be specially trained. This technique has no negative side effects, foreseeable dangers or foreseeable negative consequences when provided and supervised by a professional therapist.


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