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Dying to Survive Infographic

By CANPharmacyKing  •   August 6, 2018

The debate on affordable drug importation has heated up as the Chinese blockbuster film Dying to Survive debuts to a solid $141 million opening and $366 million in its first eleven days. It’s wildly popular, as it taps into the minds and hearts of every day citizens.

The movie is based off of true events surrounding the illegal drug importation by leukemia patient and Chinese merchant, Lu Yong. It centers around the events of one man’s journey from wanting to make money quick, to seeing how the importation of the life-saving medication was impacting lives.

Directed by first-time director Muye Wen, the film has ignited a firestorm of debate – as well as public outcry – for more affordable medications in China. Just since May, China has announced a zero-tariff on the importation of 28 anticancer medications, as well as come to an agreement with India on expanding their importations. Continue reading our infographic for more information on the film, as well as some background on China’s drug prices and importation.

Dying to Survive Infographic


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