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Canadian Pharmacy King Pop Quiz!

By Carissa Andrews  •   May 5, 2014

It's true; we enjoy keeping our readers well informed, and on their toes. So with that in mind, we have our first Canadian Pharmacy King Pop Quiz to help you uncover some great information you definitely want to know about. Now's the time to get some insights you may have missed, but most of all have some fun!

1.) What should you be sure to have with you if your medicine is confiscated while traveling?

a. Extra medicine

b. A cellphone

c. A letter from your doctor

d. Pill dispenser

Answer: C – Carry a letter, on your doctor's letterhead with your doctor's prescription for any injectable or controlled substance. Be sure they include brand and generic names. Also included should be a way to contact them directly, if a need arises to refill a prescription while you are away.

2.) All of the items below should be avoided, except for:

a. HFC (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

b. DHA

c. Artificial Colors

d. TBHQ (tertiary butyl hydroquinone)

e. Castoreum

Answer: B – DHA is required for maintenance of normal brain function in adults and functional brain development in infants. All of the other items are bad news and should be avoided.

3.) Which film from 2011 boasted a drug that enables the users to access 100% of their brain?

a. Captain America: The First Avenger

b. X-Men: First Class

c. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

d. Limitless

Answer: D – The movie Limitless staring Bradley Cooper. This type of drug has a counterpart in reality. Nootropics (a form of "Smart Drug" which comes in 7 classes) includes chemicals to enhance cognition and memory to facilitate learning.

4.) Which one of these items in not a type of senior cellphone user?

a. The jumper

b. Tech-savvy senior

c. Just calls, please

d. Use in case of emergency only

Answer: A – When it comes to senior cellphone users, there really are only the three. Unless of course, you count the seniors who don't bother using them at all. For a better idea on buying new technology for seniors, click here.

5.) What does "trashing" medicines mean in regards to drug disposal?

a. Throwing them directly in the garbage

b. Dumping them down the sink

c. Wrecking the medication beyond usability

d. Recycling them

Answer: C – When disposing medications properly, the majority should be "trashed" beyond usability before throwing away. For tips on how to have a healthy medicine cabinet, click here.

6.) What show did President Obama promote Obamacare on?

a. The Tonight Show

b. The Daily Show

c. Oprah

d. The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Answer: D – The Ellen DeGeneres Show. For a clever cartoon on Obamacare, click here.

7.) Which person has not been a host of the Tonight Show?

a. Jimmy Fallon

b. Jon Stewart

c. Jack Paar

d. Jay Leno

Answer: B – Jon Stewart. There have been six hosts since the Tonight Show's inception. Click here for all the details.

8.) When it comes to "senior moments", which one of these items is not something you should take into consideration?

a. Get irritated at yourself when you can't remember

b. Realize you have a vast array of memories to sift through

c. Be careful what you believe about yourself

d. Be careful what you say about yourself

Answer: A – Clearly it would be this one, but the point still should be driven home. Studies are showing that senior moments may truly be a symptom of a "full hard drive" of sorts in the brain. For more details on senior moments and what you can do to combat them, click here.

9.) What item listed below is not a benefit of Reiki?

a. Emotional support

b. Pain relief

c. Stress reduction

d. Anxiety

Answer: D – Anxiety. Reiki is a complementary wellness technique used to offer support and stress relief to the recipient, but it can often be much more than that. For more information on Reiki and what it is and is not, click here.

10.) What city does St. Patrick claim to have been born?

a. Rome

b. London

c. Bannavem Taberniae

d. Cardiff

Answer: C – Bannavem Taberniae, though no one really knows its true location as it has been lost in antiquity. For more details on the mysterious life of St. Patrick, click here.

We hope you enjoyed this Canadian Pharmacy King Quiz. We certainly look forward to providing you with more fun facts like these in the future.



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