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Bolivian Prescription

By Liubov Edwards  •   April 20, 2017

Bolivian Prescription

People living in Bolivian Amazon have the healthiest arteries in the world. 90% of the Tsimane people had clear arteries, which means they are not at risk of having heart disease. Even two thirds of people over 75 are have the lowest prevalence of coronary atherosclerosis of any population yet studied.

Their secret is in their diet. They consume food which is low in saturated fats and high in non-processed fibre-rich carbohydrates (corn, maze, rice, fresh fruits and veg). The diet also includes moderate amount of wild game and fish. They life style also plays an important role - the Tsimane people do not smoke and they are inactive for only 10 per cent of the day.

It is difficult for people living in cities to copy the Bolivians lifestyle, but they can learn, that following low fat diet and quitting smocking can help to reduce a risk of heart disease.


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