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25 Common Medications: The Same Drug, Different Names? Part 1

By CANPharmacyKing  •   January 6, 2020

Did you know that depending on where you live, the medication you take could go by a number of other names? In fact, many of the top-selling drugs in our Canadian pharmacy can be found with an entirely different name. But why does this happen?

Brand name medications can be different from country to country, depending on a number of factors. They typically boil down to the governing agency who is in charge of granting approvals, the manufacturer and if there is another manufacturer who also has access to the patent, what the drug is being marketed for (for example, if it has different uses), and more. What’s important, is to know which medication you’re taking and that comes down to its chemical/generic name.

Check out our infographic below to see our top 25 medications that go by different names, depending on where you live. Some of them might even surprise you. All of these are available in our Canadian Pharmacy King online pharmacy. Click here if you’re ready to order and to see how easy it is right here on our website. Each of them do require a valid prescription from your doctor. Reach out for more details if you have questions.

Our Infographic contains two parts - please also visit Part 2 (L - Z list).

25 Common Medications Names Infographic Part 1


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