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Xeloda (Capecitabine)

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Capecitabine GenericCanada150 mg60$110.00
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Xeloda Information

CanadianPharmacyKing.com supplies only genuine Xeloda from Canada, Australia and Turkey shipped using Canadian, Australian and Turkish packaging. This Xeloda is manufactured by Gentech Inc., the worldwide manufacturer of Xeloda. This offer is neither endorsed nor authorized by Gentech Inc. (the United States and Canadian distributor of Xeloda). CanadianPharmacyKing.com has no affiliation whatsoever with Gentech Inc.

Xeloda Side Effects

Xeloda breast cancer treatment is contraindicated in patients who have a known hypersensitivity to capecitabine or to any of its components or to 5-fluorouracil otherwise it may result in Xeloda side effects. Xeloda is contraindicated in patients with known dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) deficiency otherwise it may result in Xeloda side effects. Xeloda is also contraindicated in patients with severe renal impairment otherwise it results in Xeloda side effects. Patients with moderate renal impairment require dose reduction. Xeloda can induce Xeloda side effects like diarrhea, sometimes severe. Patients with severe diarrhea should be carefully monitored. Patients >= 80 years old receiving Xeloda monotherapy, and patients >= 60 years old receiving Xeloda in combination with docetaxel, may experience a greater incidence of grade 3 or 4 Xeloda side effects. Xeloda may cause Xeloda side effects like fetal harm when given to a pregnant woman. Women of childbearing potential should be advised to avoid becoming pregnant while receiving treatment with Xeloda. In Xeloda monotherapy for metastatic colorectal cancer, the most common Xeloda side effects(>=10%) in patients receiving either Xeloda or 5-FU/LV (%; %) were anemia (80; 79), diarrhea (55; 61), hand-foot syndrome (54; 6), hyperbilirubinemia (48; 17), nausea(43; 51), fatigue/ weakness (42; 46), abdominal pain (35; 31), dermatitis (27; 26), vomiting (27; 30), appetite decreased (26; 31), stomatitis (25; 62), pyrexia (18; 21), edema (15; 9), constipation (14; 17), dyspnea (14; 10), neutropenia (13; 46), pain (12; 10), back pain (10; 9), and headache (10; 7). Grade 3/4 Xeloda side effects (>=5%) in patients receiving either Xeloda or 5-FU/LV (Xeloda G3/4; 5-FU/LV G3/4) were hyperbilirubinemia (23: 6), hand-foot syndrome (17; 1), diarrhea (15; 12), abdominal pain (10; 5), vomiting (5; 5), ileus (5; 3), stomatitis (3; 15), and neutropenia (3; 21). In Xeloda monotherapy for metastatic breast cancer, the most common Xeloda side effects(>=10%) were lymphopenia (94), anemia (72), diarrhea (57), hand-foot syndrome (57), nausea (53), fatigue (41), vomiting (37), dermatitis (37), neutropenia (26), thrombocytopenia (24), stomatitis (24), anorexia (23), hyperbilirubinemia (22), paresthesia (21), abdominal pain (20), eye irritation (15), constipation (15), and pyrexia(12). In combination therapy with Xeloda and docetaxel for metastatic breast cancer, the most common Xeloda side effects (>=10%) were lymphocytopenia (99), leukopenia (91), neutropenia/ granulocytopenia (86), anemia (80), diarrhea (67), stomatitis (67), hand-foot syndrome (63), nausea (45), alopecia (41), thrombocytopenia (41), vomiting (35), edema (33), abdominal pain (30), pyrexia (28), asthenia (26), fatigue (22), constipation (20), hyperbilirubinemia (20), neutropenic fever (16), weakness (16), taste disturbance (16), headache (15), arthralgia (15), myalgia (15), dyspepsia (14), nail disorder (14), dyspnea(14), pain in limb (13), anorexia (13), cough (13), back pain (12), dizziness (12), paresthesia (12), lacrimation increased (12), sore throat (12), appetite decreased (10), and dehydration (10).

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