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Oralair (Grass Pollen Allergen Extract)

Drug:Oralair 1 x 3 Tablets
Dosage:100 IR
Oralair 1 x 3 Tablets
100 IR
Drug:Oralair 3 x 30 Tablets
Dosage:300 IR


Oralair (Grass Pollen Allergen Extract) is a NEW RX medication used to treat patients with severe allergies to grass pollen in patients 5 to 50 years of age. Oralair is composed of 5 different grass pollen allergens. The sublingual tablet contains either 100IR or 300IR of allergen extract that is composed of Cocksfoot, Sweet vernal grass, Rye grass, Meadow grass and Timothy. This medication works by reducing the symptoms associated with exposure to grass allergens and makes you less sensitive to the grass pollens to which you are allergic. The treatment with Oralair should start about 4 months before the expected onset of the pollen season and must be maintained throughout the pollen season.

Manufacturer Information

The brand Oralair comes from Canada and is manufactured by Paladin. It is available in the strength of 100IR and 300IR sublingual tablets.

Side Effects

The first tablet of Oralair must be taken at the doctor’s office. Your doctor will also ask you to stay on site for 30 minutes to monitor you for possible side effects. Extra precautions must be taken while treating kids. Each administration of Oralair must be given under direct adult supervision for at least 30 minutes. During treatment with this medication, patients are exposed to allergens that may cause allergic symptoms. Fifty percent of these reactions occur during the first three days of treatment.

Side effects include:
• Difficulty swallowing;
• Feeling of swelling in the throat;
• Irritation of the throat;
• Itching in the mouth, eyes, ears;
• Runny or blocked nose, sneezing and cough;
• Voice changes;
• Swelling or discomfort in the mouth

Customer Precautions

It is recommended that you take this medication in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not take Oralair if you are allergic to any of the other ingredients in the medication. Before you start taking the medication, inform your doctor about your medical condition and about all the medications you are currently taking including OTC and herbal medications. Oralair should not be used by patients with severe or unstable asthma, malignant diseases, and oral inflammations. Patients on beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors should not use this medication either.

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