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Lysodren (Mitotane)

Drug:Lysodren Tablet
Dosage:500 mg
Drug:Lysodren Tablet
Dosage:500 mg

The medication Lysodren belongs to a class of medications known as antitumoral medicines. It is used to treat the symptoms of advanced, non-operable, metastatic or recurrent malignant tumors of the adrenal gland. Lysodren modifies the peripheral metabolism of steroids and also directly suppresses the adrenal gland. Take Lysodren exactly as prescribed by your doctor. The recommended initial dose of Lysodren is 2 g to 6 g orally, in three or four divided doses per day. Lysodren should preferably be taken during meals containing fat-rich food such as milk, chocolate, oil.

Manufacturer Information

Lysodren is available from Canada manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb. The medication Lysodren contains active ingredient mitotane. Lysodren is supplied as 500 mg tablet in plastic bottles of 100 and 200 tablets.

Stop taking Lysodren and call your doctor at once if you have one of these serious side effects:

• Adrenal gland problems
• Blood disorders such as prolonged bleeding time
• Breast overdevelopment in men
• Decrease in number of blood platelets
• Decreased red blood cells leading to anemia
• Decreased white blood cells
• Increased cholesterol, triglyceride and liver enzyme levels in blood
• Liver damage
• Mental impairment, loss of memory, difficulty concentrating
• Muscular weakness and atrophy
• Vasomotor symptoms such as hot flushes, sweat and sleep disorders

Less serious side effects include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, pain in the belly, loss of appetite, abnormal sensations such as pins and needles, movement and coordination disorders, vertigo, confusion, sleepiness, dizziness, tiredness, muscle weakness, inflammation of mucosa, skin rash. Please call your doctor if you have any further concerns or questions.

Lysodren has a major effect on your ability to drive and use machines. Do not drive or use heavy machinery while taking this medication. Do not take the medication if you are allergic to mitotane or any other ingredients in this medication, are breastfeeding, are being treated with medicines containing spironolactone. Lysodren may interact with drugs such as spironolactone (a diuretic used for heart, liver or kidney diseases), warfarin (an anticoagulant used to prevent blood clotting), anti-epileptics (such as carbamazepine) used to treat epilepsy and seizures, rifabutin or rifampicin (used to treat tuberculosis), griseofulvin (used to treat fungal infections), St. John’s Wort, a herbal supplement used to treat depression, sunitinib (used to treat cancer). Before taking Lysodren, inform your doctor if you have an injury (shock or severe trauma), an infection, liver or kidney problems, gynecological problems such as bleeding or pelvic pain. Tell your doctor if you develop symptoms of liver problems such as itching, yellow eyes, or skin, dark urine, and pain or discomfort in the upper right abdomen area. Your doctor may need to your blood tests to check your liver function before and during treatment with Lysodren.

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