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Izba Ophthalmic Drops (Travoprost)

Drug:Izba Ophthalmic Drops
Dosage:0.003 %/5 ml
Izba Ophthalmic Drops
0.003 %/5 ml
Drug:Izba Ophthalmic Drops
Dosage:0.003 %/5 ml


Izba is used to treat high pressure in the eye. This high pressure can lead to an illness called as glaucoma. The eyeballs contain a clear, watery liquid which feeds the inside of the eye. This liquid is always emptying out of the eye and more liquid is being produced. If the eye fills up faster than it empties, the pressure builds up in the eye. If the pressure gets too high, it can damage the eyesight. Izba belongs to a group of medications known as prostaglandins. It works by increasing the outflow of the liquid, which lowers the eye pressure. This medication may be used on its own or other glaucoma eye drops, which also reduce pressure inside the eye.

Manufacturer Information

Izba Ophthalmic Drops is available from Canada manufactured by Alcon. The active ingredient in Izba is Travoprost. Izba is supplied as a 5 mL solution in a plastic bottle in the dosage form of 0.003 %.

Side Effects

Stop taking Izba and call your doctor at once if you have one of these serious side effects:

• Asthma or trouble breathing
• Changes in heart rate
• Chest pain
• High or low blood pressure
• Unusual eye symptoms

Less serious side effects include eye redness, itching, irritation, dry eye, increase in the length, thickness, color or number of your eye lashes, change in the color of the eye, change in the color of the iris. Please call your doctor if you have any further concerns or questions.

Customer Precautions

Always use Izba exactly as prescribed by your doctor. The usual dose is 1 drop in your eye or eyes, once a day. Evening is the best time to take Izba. Only use Izba in both eyes if your doctor told you to. Take it for as long as your doctor told you to. Only use Izba in your eyes. Do not use Izba if you are allergic to travoprost or to prostaglandin analogues or any other ingredients in the medication, are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. If you wear soft contact lenses, do not use Izba while wearing them. Wait 15 minutes after using Izba before you put your contact lenses back in. If Izba comes into contact with your skin, then it should be washed off right away. You may find that your vision is blurred for a short time after using Izba. Do not drive or use machines until your vision is clear. Drug interaction studies have not been done for Izba. There are no known interactions with Izba and other drugs. If you are currently, or have recently taken other medications, consult your health care provider. Before using Izba inhaler, inform your doctor if you are breast-feeding or planning to breastfeeding, as Izba may get into your breast milk, wear soft contact lenses, are under 18 years of age, had eye surgery or will be having eye surgery, have an eye infection, eye irritation or suffer any damage to your eye(s).

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