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Firmagon (Degarelix Acetate)

Drug:Firmagon Injection Solution Vial
Country:United Kingdom
Dosage:80 mg
Drug:Firmagon Injection Solution Vial
Dosage:120 mg

Firmagon (Degarelix Acetate) is a prescription medication used to treat advanced hormone-dependent prostate cancer in males. Prostate cancer usually develops when cells in the prostate gland start to grow uncontrollably (usually in men above 65 years). Men with prostate cancer may experience difficulty with urination, urinary retention, and progressive weight loss. Most types of prostate cancer need the male hormone testosterone to grow and spread. The active ingredient in Firmagon is Degarelix Acetate. Degarelix Acetate belongs to the class of medication called antineoplastic, GnRH antagonist. It works by reducing the amount of testosterone that the body makes. This helps to slow or stop the growth of cancer cells.

Manufacturer Information

We currently offer the brand Firmagon from Canada and the United Kingdom manufactured by Ferring in the strength of 80 mg and 120 mg Solution Vial Injections. The generic version is not available.

Get medical help immediately if you have any signs of an allergic reaction while taking Firmagon. The most common side effects of Firmagon may include:
• Back pain;
• Hot flashes;
• Injection site redness;
• Injection site pain;
• Swelling at the injection site;
• Weight gain

Before you start receiving Firmagon injections, you should inform your doctor if you are currently receiving treatment or using other medications that are similar to Firmagon injections. You should know that Firmagon comes as an injection and should be administered by your doctor in a hospital. Firmagon solution should be injected under the skin of the abdomen. Your doctor may monitor Firmagon treatment's effectiveness by looking at blood levels of testosterone and prostate-specific antigen (PSA). You may have pain, swelling, redness, or a darker color around the injected area. Let your doctor know if this happens. Your doctor may give you a painkiller to relieve the pain. Contact your doctor immediately if you notice you could not make urine anymore.

Before you start taking this medication, tell your doctor about your medical history, especially if you:
• Are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed;
• Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant;
• Have had episodes of depression or seizures;
• Have high levels of cholesterol or triglycerides in your blood;
• Have problems with your heartbeat;
• Have lung or breathing problems

Tell your doctor immediately if you become pregnant or think you may be pregnant. You should ask your doctor about the risk of using this medication during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Firmagon may cause reduced sexual interest as a result of lowered testosterone levels. Talk to your doctor if these effects occur. Tell your doctor about all your medications, including prescription, OTC, herbal supplements, and vitamins. There may be a drug interaction between Firmagon, aspirin, diltiazem, and tamsulosin. You store your medication and the needle in a safe place, far away from children.

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