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Erleada (Apalutamide)

Drug:Erleada Tablet
Dosage:60 mg

Erleada (Apalutamide) is used to treat prostate cancer that has not spread to other parts of the body, and no longer responds to a medicine or surgery that lowers testosterone. Erleada has not been studied in patients with low risk of the cancer spreading to other parts of the body. Erleada contains apalutamide which blocks the activity of androgens (hormones like testosterone) to slow the spread of your prostate cancer and the start of your disease symptoms. Take exactly as your healthcare professional tells you. Take at about the same time once a day. Swallow tablets whole. Take Erleada with or without food. Erleada is not for use in women and children.

Manufacturer Information

Canadian Pharmacy King currently offers the brand Erleada tablets from Canada manufactured by Janssen. Brand Erleada is available in the strength of 60 mg tablets. The generic Erleada is not available.

The common side effects of Erleada may include feeling very tired, high blood pressure, skin rash, diarrhea, nausea, decreased appetite, underactive thyroid gland, weight loss, joint pain, falls, broken bones, swelling in hands, ankles or feet. Contact your doctor right away if you have any of the following symptoms:

• Cardiac problems (including heart attack, ischemic heart disease and heart failure;
• High blood pressure;
• Under active thyroid, fracture (broken bone);

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Please call your doctor if you have any further concerns or questions.

Do not take Erleada if you are allergic to apalutamide or to any ingredient in the medicine. Since this medication may rarely cause seizures in some people, avoid activities where a sudden loss of consciousness may cause serious harm to you or others. Before taking Erleada, inform your doctor if you: have a history of heart disease including an abnormal electrical signal called “QT interval prolongation”, have a risk of falls or broken bones, have a history of seizures, brain injury, stroke, or brain tumor, have a partner who is pregnant or may become pregnant. Tell your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist about any medical conditions you may have and all the medicines you take, including drugs prescribed by other doctors, vitamins, minerals, natural supplements, or alternative medicines. Drugs that may interact with Erleada include: Fexofenadine, used to treat allergies, Gemfibrozil, used to treat high fat levels in the blood, Itraconazole, ketoconazole, used to treat fungal infections, Levothyroxine, used to treat thyroid conditions, Midazolam, used to treat anxiety, Omeprazole, used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (conditions where there is too much acid in the stomach), Rosuvastatin, used lower cholesterol levels, Warfarin, used to prevent blood clots.

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