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Is There A Link between Poverty and Depression?

by Natasha Tracy  -  September 30th, 2019

Is There A Link between Poverty and Depression preview
People with health problems, including mental illness, have greater rates of poverty, and those in poverty also have greater rates of health problems like mental illness. But the question is, is there a cause and effect? Does poverty cause mental illness? Does mental illness create poverty? These are difficult questions to answer. The relationship between poverty and mental health is complex and difficult to untangle.

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Can Grapefruit or Other Juice Affect My ED Meds

by Carissa Andrews  -  August 26th, 2019

Grapefruit, grapefruit juice, and other grapefruit products are beloved by many, and for good reason. Grapefruit is high in vitamin C and potassium, and it smells great when used in products, such as lotions and bath bombs. However, grapefruit can actually stop important aspects of a medication from being distributed properly. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 85% of medications are known to have interactions with grapefruit.

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3 Key Mental Health Benefits of Ridesharing

by Carissa Andrews  -  January 7th, 2019

3 Key Mental Health Benefits of Ridesharing preview
Are you still on the fence about ridesharing? Not sure if it’s for you? You might think twice when you learn about some of the key mental health benefits that befall those who opt to take a Lyft or Uber over driving themselves—or using another mode of transportation.

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Just Perfect ... Rainy Day Reading by Stephen King and More

by Carissa Andrews  -  December 2nd, 2018

Rainy Day Reading by Stephen King

The weather outside may not be frightful (just yet), but that doesn’t mean it’s super fun to be out in. The transition from fall to winter can leave people in limbo—as they may not be able to continue their summer recreational fun—nor start their typical outdoor winter excursions. As an author myself, my natural inclination is to curl up with a warm blanket, a cup of tea (or coffee, or cocoa!), and immerse myself in a good book.

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Is Coffee Killing Your Chance of Being GERD-Free?

by Carissa Andrews  -  November 19th, 2018

Two years ago, I wrote an article about the effects of caffeine on our gut flora — and whether or not too much coffee is killing off the good bacteria in our gut. It was an interest I had because I’ve always tried to eat in a way that allows my gut flora to work optimally—but I do love my morning coffee.

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Winter Is Coming: Tips and Remedies to Keep Sickness at Bay

by Carissa Andrews  -  November 5th, 2018

As they say in Westeros, winter is coming… No amount of complaining will take away that fact, either. Along with it, are the slew of festivities as the holidays hit—as well as the winter health related issues and illnesses. The good news is, surviving the cold months doesn’t mean dealing with White Walkers and Ice Dragons (unless you’re a Game of Thrones fan). Instead, you can head into winter by leaning on the tips and tricks the Canadian Pharmacy King is about to give you and you’ll have all you need to keep sickness at bay. Let’s dive in and have a look at ways to keep healthy this winter:

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Dying to Survive Infographic

by CANPharmacyKing  -  August 6th, 2018

Dying to Survive Infographic Preview

The debate on affordable drug importation has heated up as the Chinese blockbuster film Dying to Survive debuts to a solid $141 million opening and $366 million in its first eleven days. It’s wildly popular, as it taps into the minds and hearts of every day citizens.

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Can Trump Still Repeal and Replace Obamacare in 2018?

by Carissa Andrews  -  April 9th, 2018

Photo Credit: by Adam Fagen, Flickr.com
Photo Credit: by Adam Fagen, Flickr.com

Republicans came in claiming a mandate when they tried to “repeal and replace” Obamacare in 2017—but were handed a pretty swift defeat each time they tried to bring the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to the chopping block. Instead of a mandate, Congress found Americans to be spooked about health coverage, and rightly so. We pay more than nearly every other country in the world and by the looks of things, it’s not about to get any more affordable in the coming years.

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Psychology Tips and Tricks to Sticking with Your Resolutions

by Carissa Andrews  -  January 29th, 2018

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, it symbolizes for many of us, a fresh start and new beginning towards having the life we dream of. In fact, even Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook is right there with us. Unfortunately, resolutions, when not implemented with concrete steps in place, can fall to the wayside, and eventually be forgotten. What happens is a lackluster year, where we feel as though opportunities were missed (because they were), and we begin to feel hopeless.

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7 Myths and Truths About Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

by Natasha Tracy  -  November 14th, 2017

7 Myths and Truths About Seasonal Affective Disorder preview

Many people have heard of seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. It’s commonly thought of as a disorder where people are happy in the summer and sad in the winter. And while this is true in some cases, there is a lot more you need to understand about SAD. Read these seven seasonal affective disorder myths and truths to learn more – don’t miss the self-help tips at the bottom, either.

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Are You Supporting Kids with Food Allergies this Halloween?

by   -  October 31st, 2017

Photo Credit: by Sherry Dumpprope
Photo Credit: by Sherry Dumpprope

Halloween can bring more tricks than treats for kids (and their families) who suffer from food allergies. In the United States alone, one in thirteen kids has a food allergy, and many of them can be severe, or even potentially life-threatening. The scary thing is, there isn’t even a leading culprit to make things easier for those trying to have allergen free candies at Halloween. Any food can cause a reaction. Ingredients such as nuts, milk, egg, soy, or wheat are in most candies and happen to be some of the most common food allergies. However, food dyes, preservatives, and other added ingredients can also trigger reactions. What’s a consciousness and responsible citizen meant to do?

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9 Fall Life Hacks to Get You Prepped for Winter

by   -  September 25th, 2017

9 Fall Life Hacks to Get You Prepped for Winter preview

We’ve just surpassed the 2017 autumn equinox, where days and nights are equal and now begin to wane. Leaves are beginning to change and the apex of color will be upon us sooner than we realize. With all of this change, now’s a great time to be looking ahead to consider how to best prepare for the coming darkness in days and chill in our nights.

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Sepsis: The Silent Killer You’ve Never Heard Of

by   -  September 13th, 2017

Sepsis: The Silent Killer You’ve Never Heard Of preview

When your body overreacts in a toxic response to an infection, it can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, an even death. This overreaction is called sepsis and happens when the normal functions of the immune system reverse. Rather than attacking the foreign invaders of an infection, it begins to turn on itself. Many people in the general public may have heard of sepsis by another name: blood poisoning. dd

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Immunization Spotlight: The Surprising Pros & Cons You Need to Know

by   -  August 28th, 2017

Immunization Spotlight: The Surprising Pros & Cons You Need to Know preview

As a parent, we will always struggle to do what’s best for our kids. This includes making them eat their veggies, and weighing the pros and cons of vaccination. Did you know thousands of people—kids and adults alike are saved each year through the effective vaccination of killer diseases, such as Polio, Measles, and even Influenza?

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Ease Hepatitis with Healthy Summer Foods

by   -  August 21st, 2017

Eating Healthy Summer Foods to Ease Hepatitis preview

We’re just around the corner from World Hepatitis Day, which takes place on July 28th. For those of you who’ve heard the term, but are unfamiliar with the overall gist of the disease, viral hepatitis is characterized by inflammation of the liver.

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5 Science-Backed Ways Yoga Can Help You Battle Tough Health Issues

by   -  August 8th, 2017

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

Everyone knows yoga is good for your mind, body, and soul. It can help relieve pain and stress, clear the mind, and tone up the bod. But, did you know it can also help with much more serious medical conditions, such as cancer, epilepsy, and Parkinson's disease?

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Improve Your Mental Health with Gardening This Summer

by Natasha Tracy  -  July 31st, 2017

Improve Your Mental Health with Gardening This Summer preview

Some people start gardening as a hobby, but what they may not know is gardening is actually good for your mental health. And it’s not just being outdoors that is beneficial, it’s actually the act of gardening itself that improves mental health.

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How To Avoid Food Poisoning At This Summer's BBQs

by   -  July 17th, 2017

How To Avoid Food Poisoning At This Summer's BBQs preview
Summer is a time for backyard BBQs, picnics in the park, and hot dogs at the baseball game. But, if your summer treats are not handled, prepared, or cooked properly, you could end up with a bad bout of food poisoning. And, nausea and abdominal pains are no walk in the park. Here is what to look out for before packing your picnic basket or firing up the grill...

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The Best Bug Sprays and After-Bite Itch Remedies for Summer

by Ainsley Smith  -  June 26th, 2017

The Best Bug Sprays and After-Bite Itch Remedies for Summer preview

Now that summer is finally here, chances are mosquitos and other pesky summer insects will be on the hunt. As Canadians, we are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by some of the world’s most scenic forests, lakes, and beaches, which unfortunately happen to be breeding grounds for certain insects in the warmer months.

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Detox Your Entire Life Right Now with These 10 Methods

by   -  May 23rd, 2017

Emotional detox

These days, there are so many external forces that are bombarding our systems. Politics, money woes, unfulfilling jobs, parenting concerns, health issues, etc. They eat away at our time, health, and wealth. Not to mention overall wellbeing. We’re then left feeling lost, depleted, and wishing there was more to this life. Sometimes, what we really need is a moment of clarity to get things back under control.

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How Sound Baths Can Heal Your Mind, Body, & Soul

by   -  May 8th, 2017

Sound therapy instruments preview

Move over transcendental meditation and yoga, sound baths are today's hottest holistic ticket in town. It might sound like a fad or trend - and, well, frankly it is trending high right now with 33 million Google search results showing up and nearly every yoga, fitness, or meditation studio adding sound baths to their offerings. But, sound baths (a.k.a., sound therapy, sound healing, sound meditation, or vibrational sound healing) have actually been around in one form or another since the beginning of recorded history.

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12 Health Reasons Dandelions Should Be Your Next Superfood

by   -  May 1st, 2017

12 Health Reasons Dandelions Should Be Your Next Superfood preview

For many of us, the last thing we think of when we see dandelions pop up in our yard is how healthy they are to consume. Instead, we start thinking of the ways we can exterminate this little yellow flower from as soon as they arise. But did you know, dandelions have a host of health benefits that may make you reconsider your yearly purge?

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Why You Should Tip Pole Dancers Better

by   -  April 17th, 2017

Pole Athlete Bee in Action preview

When most people think of pole dancing, they think of strippers. That's not quite an accurate word association anymore. In fact, most pole dancers don't even take off their clothing. And, stripping certainly couldn't be an Olympic sport, but pole dancing is actually in the running.

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What To Put On Your 2017 Sexual To Do List

by   -  January 30th, 2017

2017 Sexual To Do List preview

Now that we're about three weeks into the 2-17, you've probably already broken a few of your New Year's Resolutions. Perhaps you've already cheated on your new diet and aren't working out daily as you planned. Well, it's not too late to change your resolution to something more fun that you'll want to stick to - Have more and better sex!

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How Thyroid Disease Impacts Infertility in Both Men and Women

by   -  January 10th, 2017

How Thyroid Disease Impacts Infertility in Both Men and Women preview
January is Thyroid Disease Awareness month. Thyroid disease affects approximately 200 million people around the world, and about 20 million of them right here in America.

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Alleviate Arthritis Pain with Anti-inflammatory Food & Recipes during Winter

by   -  December 19th, 2016

Anti-inflammatory Food & Recipes preview

As they said in last season of Game of Thrones—Winter is here! For many of us, it’s not the most anticipated season. From icy, slick roads, to achy, painful joints; winter often causes anxiety. Thankfully, when it comes to battling inflammation, there are more ways to ease swollen joints without overdosing on NSAIDs.

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8 Effective Ways to Overcome Post Election Stress Disorder

by   -  November 21st, 2016

Over the past few weeks has your stomach constantly been in knots? Or do you spend your evenings tossing and turning only to wake up in a panic. If these symptoms sound familiar, chances are you're suffering from election stress disorder.

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Technology and Insomnia – Cure or Curse?

by   -  October 3rd, 2016

by Mactrunk
by Mactrunk

Our world has become an all-tech, all the time kinda place. People of all ages are spending more time with technology, and they’re losing sleep over it. Recently, there’s been a lot of information out there about technology and device usage in bed and its link to insomnia. This can become a huge problem because chronic insomnia has big negative health impacts over time. However, it’s important to note, tech use of any kind can trigger insomnia under the right conditions.

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Are Back to School Blues Really a Thing?

by   -  August 29th, 2016

by Wavebreakmedia
by Wavebreakmedia

Summer is wrapping up and fall is just around the corner. For many, this can be a fun, welcome change of pace. For others, it can be a stressful, anxiety-filled season. Did you know most kids suffer some form of anxiety or depression when heading back to school?

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Can Being Having an Acidic pH Cause Disease?

by   -  August 22nd, 2016

by elenabs
by elenabs

Ordinarily, your body’s pH stays fairly neutral at or near 7.4 on a scale which ranges from 0 (which is extremely acidic) to 14 (which is extremely alkaline). Most small changes in either direction have very little effect on your health.

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Summer Swap: Delicious Cold Versions of Your Favourite Warm Drinks

by Ainsley Smith  -  July 25th, 2016

Perfect iced coffee preview

As summer temperatures continue to rise, you’ll find that you’re swapping your long sleeves for tank tops and your jeans for shorts. But what are you supposed to do about your favourite warm beverages like coffee and tea?

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Are Humans Built to Be Intermittently Fasting?

by   -  July 11th, 2016

is an passionate author and freelancer from Minnesotan with a focus in creative writing.

Intermittently Fasting preview

Only until very recently, the past hundred or so years, have most humans gotten used to consistently eating three plus meals a day. Before then, meals were far sparser, and certainly more lean when set on a plate. Because of this feast or famine history with eating, there’s a theory circulating that we should be trying to restrict not only the calories we consume, but also restrict how often we eat.

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6 Dangerous Summer Diets To Avoid

by Carrie Borzillo  -  June 13th, 2016

Dangerous Summer Diets preview

Summer is upon us, and for many that means there's a mad rush to get into bikini shape FAST! If you do a Google search on "how to lose weight fast," 13.5 million results appear. You'll find some legitimate tips from reputable health sources, but you'll find a lot more information on dangerous diet trends and fads that might do more damage than good.

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Surprising Health Benefits of Highland Whiskeys in Scotland

by Kristy Alpert  -  May 30th, 2016

Kristy Alpert is a freelance writer and editor with extensive experience covering travel, food, and lifestyle topics for Canadian pharmacy drugstore.

It turns out toasting to your health may actually be beneficial for your health, especially if that glass is filled with a golden dram of Scotch. Derived from the Gaelic words meaning “water of life," Scotch has been found to hold a number of health benefits that range from heart health and healthy digestion to diabetes prevention and a longer life span.

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Knock Your Socks Off: The Best Socks for Your Feet

by Kristy Alpert   -  May 16th, 2016

Kristy Alpert is a freelance writer and editor with extensive experience covering travel, food, and lifestyle topics.

Courtesy by toesox.com
Courtesy by toesox.com
Your feet are the foundation for the entire body. Which is why when your feet aren’t feeling great, the rest of your body suffers. Unhappy feet can cause everything from calf tension and swollen legs to tight hips and even back and shoulder alignment issues.

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The Paris Agreement: A Step Towards Clean Environment and Better Health

by   -  May 9th, 2016

2015 was the hottest on record, breaking the previous records set in 2014. 2016 is set to break those new records yet again. This cycle of global warming comes at a huge cost when we’re dealing with droughts and heatwaves, superstorms and hurricanes, wildfires and other severe weather; not to mention putting elderly and children at risk because of the effect of extreme weather. Beyond that, the World Health Organization estimates 7 million premature deaths happen each year thanks to outdoor pollution. Whether looking at this from the point of view of saving the earth, or potentially saving lives—innovations in the way we handle energy, the earth, and the overall impacts we have are huge.

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Burial Options that Don’t Destroy the Planet

by   -  April 25th, 2016

is an passionate author and freelancer from Minnesotan with a focus in creative writing for online pharmacies Canada

by Pakhnyushchyy
by Pakhnyushchyy
Throughout the ages, humanity has been both fascinated by death and simultaneously scared to face it. As we enter an era of unprecedented world population numbers, we’re being forced to face the questions we have not only of death, but also what to do with our bodies when we die. While some may find this topic a tad morbid, I believe it can be a beautifully natural process when we look upon it with reverence and humility.

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Virtual Reality is About to Redefine Yours

by   -  April 18th, 2016

Virtual Reality Redefine preview
Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the biggest buzz words, industries, and investments of 2016. In fact, one could even say this may be the technology advancement of our lifetime; which is not something said lightly. Especially when you consider the myriad biotech advancements, or even 3D printing, just to name a couple.

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What is the Big Deal About GMOs?

by   -  March 28th, 2016

is an passionate author and freelancer from Minnesotan with a focus in creative writing.

by @CarissaAndrews
by @CarissaAndrews
Here in the United States, GMO and GE foods are a pretty big deal. Love or hate them, they bring up a very important topic that should be addressed: Should we be playing God with our foods?

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Exercise Your Way to a Healthy … Brain?

by   -  March 21st, 2016

Exercise Your Way preview
If you could ward off dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, or any other brain-related issues, would you do it? What if I were to tell you exercise not only keeps your body healthy, but also your mind?

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When You Shouldn’t Consume Turmeric

by   -  March 7th, 2016

Carissa Andrews is a freelance writer, graphic designer, and author. You can learn more about her at her website.

by Carissa
by Carissa

There are very few herbs that can tout the beneficial aspects which have been attributed to Turmeric; a staple in Indian cuisine and curry dishes. When consumed by an otherwise healthy adult or child, turmeric—or more directly curcumin, a substance found in turmeric—can alleviate a whole host of ailments from indigestion, to reducing inflammation, and it’s even being studied for making headway with cancer cells.

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Your Sedentary Life is Killing You

by   -  February 29th, 2016

by Carissa
by Carissa
We’ve all heard it before. Sitting on your rear all day, regardless of why, is literally killing you. There’s even a name for it: Sedentary Death Syndrome (SeDS). Did you know inactivity kills more than 300,000 Americans annually? If SeDs were a true disease, it would be the 3rd biggest killer in the country; behind only heart disease and cancer. If you’re in an office job without an outlet for movement, you may want to take note. Obesity is skyrocketing at an alarming rate. According to the CDC, more than one-third of the American population is obese (roughly 78.6 million people). This isn’t just a US thing, either. All around the world, lack of movement is causing some pretty serious health complications.

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Is Dad Responsible for Your Weight?

by   -  January 18th, 2016

by everett225
by everett225

Studies have been around for a long time following the myriad ways that a mother’s health and habits can affect her unborn child. For example, drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking or doing drugs, vs. working out, eating right, etc.

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How Mark Zuckerberg Sets the Paternal Leave Tone for the Next Generation

by   -  January 9th, 2016

Photo Credit: @PoisonEcology | Twitter
Photo Credit: @PoisonEcology | Twitter
With the birth of their daughter Max, new parents Mark Zuckerberg and Pricilla Chan are doing what most parents in the United States only dream of; they’re taking a substantial amount of time off to be home with their newborn.

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Tips to Picking Safe Toys for Kids this Christmas

by   -  December 21st, 2015

by romrodinka
by romrodinka

December is synonymous with toys for the majority of us who have kids in our lives. It’s hard to imagine a Christmas without the hustle and bustle of toy aisles, or red circles in the latest toy catalogue indicating a beloved wish. As we get closer to Christmas, we picture the faces of the little ones in our lives as they open their special gifts under the tree. We anticipate the excitement, and the joy.

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Coffee Enema: A Great Therapy for the Holidays & Winter Season

by   -  December 7th, 2015

by @CANPharmacyKing
by @CANPharmacyKing

Having good health is a top priority for many people, especially as we come upon the holiday season and look upon the New Year. Sometimes, being healthy means doing a bit of digging to figure out how best to handle your own health, and even considerations on how to detox your body from all the bad stuff we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

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What Your Chunky Midriff Could Mean and How to Lose It

by   -  October 26th, 2015

by andrewgenn
by andrewgenn
Whether you’re male or female, gaining weight around the mid-section can mean some serious problems, if not dealt with in a timely manner. This isn’t a post about vanity – it’s a post that could ultimately save your life. Regardless of weight, lifestyle, eating habits, recent physical ailments, etc., it’s important to recognize when your body is trying to get your attention before it’s too late.

We all know a healthy weight and body shape is a smart thing, and many of us can attain to reach that goal. However, if you notice your body blooming from a pear shape to an apple (ladies) or that beer gut developing, it’s time to start addressing the issues before it’s too late.

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3 Ways to Commemorate the Spirit of Labor Day

by   -  September 3rd, 2015

3 Ways to Commemorate the Spirit of Labor Day preview

The first Monday in September has significance for Canadians and Americans alike. However, how many of us really understand the reasons of why we celebrate this important holiday? Before you say it; no, this is not the final holiday to send off summer vacation and wave hello to the new school year. It’s a holiday dating back to the 1800’s, celebrating the achievements of everyday workers. Simply put – people just like you and me.

The very first American Labor Day Celebration was held 133 years ago in New York City.

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Death By Sugar: Kicking the Addiction for a Better Life

by   -  August 28th, 2015

Death By Sugar: Kicking the Addiction preview

Not long ago, I wrote an article about sugar and the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation’s recommendation to start taxing high-sugar content foods and drinks. There are some interesting statistics for the concept, particularly the fact that Canadians and Americans alike are consuming toxic levels of sugar every day. After writing that article, it got me thinking about my own consumption and that of my family. For the most part, I considered my consumption to be fairly low – but oh was I surprised when I started to track it.

I am not typically one to have sodas or high sugar drinks in my house, nor do I eat a lot of candy, or high sugar foods. Yet, my sugar intake was well above the recommended 6-10 teaspoons per day. How could this be so?

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Delicious and Healthy Summer BBQ Tips

by   -  August 24th, 2015

Summer BBQ Tips preview
Summer is already in full swing. If we aren’t careful, it will be over before we know it and the intense hubbub of back-to-school will begin. Before all that happens, let’s take a moment to savor the season and talk about a favorite pastime: summer grilling!

While we pretty much all love a good BBQ, it’s important to note that we don’t always eat the healthiest around these sorts of occasions. It’s all too easy to underprepare and overindulge – but have no fear, we got your back with some little known BBQ tips and tricks for eating healthy without losing flavor to savor. We may even have a couple yummy recipes to try!

1. Marinades are a must.

Not only do marinades add flavor to your favorite meat, just soaking for 10 minutes has been shown to reduce the formation of heterocyclic amines (HCAs), a cancer-causing compound formed when meat cooks at high temperatures.

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Avoiding and Overcoming Swimmer’s Itch

by   -  August 16th, 2015

by tashatuvango
by tashatuvango

Summer is in full swing and for many families, mine included, it means plenty of beach days. I mean, how else are you going to cool down without the blissful hum of a central air unit, right? (Mental note: must get central air by next year.) However, with all the water fun comes concerns of swimmer’s itch – especially as summer winds down. In our area of central Minnesota, we’ve already had cases popping up in local lakes and let me just say – kids are not happy campers when they contract it.

Steering clear of swimmer’s itch is sometimes easier said than done, but by following the tips I’ve laid out below, you can reduce your chances significantly.

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Skinny Jeans and Other Fashion Hazards to Your Health

by   -  August 7th, 2015

by Tiffany
by Tiffany

The world is in no shortage of fashion trends, but how many of you knew there are perils of looking beautiful in the eyes of society? As a matter of fact, some of the most beloved trends are some of the most dangerous. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Not All Jeans are Made Equal

While I’ve never jumped on the bandwagon to wear my jeans like they’re tights (boot cut happens to be my style of choice), the skinny jeans trend has certainly been around longer than I can remember.

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De-stressing With Apps In The 21st Century

by   -  August 4th, 2015

De-stressing With Apps preview
It should come as no surprise that our modern lifestyles are, or can be, chocked full of stress. As we advance, we have made many strides to alleviate some of the stresses, but new ones always seem to find a way to crop up. Are we just prone to bringing stress on? Or have we not evolved enough to learn when to release the trigger finger on our flight/fight mechanism? Whatever the answer might be, there are ways both online and off-line to calm down, and find your Zen. When life gets too hectic to make you pause, there’s an app for that.

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A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Taxes Go Up

by   -  July 17th, 2015

by adamico
by adamico

Or at least, that’s the recommendation being made Canada by the Heart and Stroke Foundation in a statement back in September. In addition, they want everyone to drop their sugar intake to just 10% of their daily calories – which is roughly about ten teaspoons of sugar. The World Health Organization takes it a step further by calling for a slash in consumption to just 5% of total caloric intake – or just 5 teaspoons. Before any of you start to question how in the world you would do that and still eat healthy – this relates only to the added sugars such as glucose, fructose, corn syrup, and honey – not to any naturally occurring sugar in fruits and vegetables.

All of this is in an attempt to curb obesity in an effort to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other related illnesses due to weight and a high sugar consumption diet.

It’s not a stretch to see why. On average, Canadians consume approximately 26 teaspoons of sugar daily – American’s 28 teaspoons. This translates to somewhere between 88 pounds and 96 pounds of sugar per year consecutively.

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The One Diet Change 75% of Americans Need To Make

by   -  July 13th, 2015

by shepherd302
by shepherd302

If you’re reading this, the chances are this diet change applies to you too, regardless your country of origin. Easily the simplest change to make, drinking more water has a host of benefits to all people. It keeps your cells hydrated, allowing you to function optimally. When you’re not drinking a sufficient amount of water, your body, mind, and mood all suffer. According to statistics, up to 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Which isn’t all that surprising considering our love affair with all things sugar related. Water is pretty bland standing next to our carbonated high fructose corn syrup sodas of joy, right?

I know in my household, trying to get my husband to drink more water is like pulling teeth.

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The Dad Bod Sleight of Hand

by   -  June 22nd, 2015

by acidburn
by acidburn
There seems to be something amuck with our trends these days. I recently wrote an article about beauty standards for women by teaching our daughters when they’re young. Everywhere I look, it seems like women are berating themselves and trying to find a way to justify their looks or at least reconcile them with society’s views. Meanwhile, enter the “Dad Bod" social media frenzy. In a split second, 500 words written by a college sophomore declaring “girls are all about the dad bod" went completely viral, giving men with a plump appearance a self-esteem boost. For those of you unfamiliar, Mackenzie Pearson claims the “dad bod" to be a look of, ‘I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time.’ Still confused? The Washington Post can help you work out whether or not you have a dad bod by clicking here.

Some feminists claim this trend is unfair because it gives pudgy men a free pass, while the “mom bods" out there are still considered unflattering.

Hold up a moment while I pick my jaw off the table.

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Switch Off and Get Outdoors for True Connection

by   -  June 16th, 2015

by jacqueline2
We live in a fast-paced, high-tech world filled with florescent lighting and forced air. Very few of us get outside as much as we should, even knowing the beneficial effects nature has in store for us. Sometimes, a reminder to get outside is the kick in the shorts we need to get out of our house and take a look around.

Clinton was the first President to make the proclamation to hold June sacred as a month to get outside and rediscover nature. Since that time, each President thereafter has proclaimed June America’s “National Get Outdoors Month" and we’d like to give you some ideas to participate and enjoy a month of natural bliss.

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Probiotics: Follow Your Gut Feeling

by Liubov Edwards  -  June 10th, 2015

Probiotics: Follow Your Gut Feeling preview

Nowadays antibiotics can be found everywhere, they are unavoidable; they are in meat, in water, in soap and mouthwash. Antibiotics are used in agriculture on animals as preventative measure. They are used in quite high amounts, so antibiotic residues can remain in the meat.

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Would You Buy Breast Milk Online?

by   -  May 28th, 2015

by dml5050
by dml5050
In centuries past, it wasn’t so unusual to acquire breast milk from someone else for your infant’s needs. Wet nurses have long been available for babies whose mothers could not produce enough milk. With the rise of baby formula, however, this practice went to the wayside in the United States and many other countries. Only recently has it become more open for discussion again.

New trends in the Internet make it possible to not only purchase breast milk for your infant online, but also make some extra cash if you’re open to selling it yourself. Stranger yet, there are even new health trends happening as male bodybuilders are buying breast milk as part of their regimen. Despite all of this, the question remains: Would you buy breast milk online?

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Beauty Really Is For The Young

by   -  May 18th, 2015

by prometeus
by prometeus
Now before you get upset with me, it’s not what you think. Dove recently launched another campaign calling for women to accept themselves as beautiful. People are taking sides; and I’m not just talking about the “average" vs. “beautiful" either. While some take the ad campaign at face value to be another encouraging ad geared towards feminism; others view it as a deceptive ploy.

Regardless of your stance, you have to admit it’s got people talking about what it takes for women to consider ourselves beautiful in today’s society. When I think of the statistic that only 3% of women consider themselves to be beautiful (regardless of whether or not Dove’s statistics could be slanted), I think less about convincing women my own age, and more about encouraging young girls before the disillusionment sets in.

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10 De-stress Methods Better than Pills

by   -  May 8th, 2015

April is National Stress Awareness Month; so naturally, we want to help you kick the stress habit. Or at the very least, work towards creating a few puddles of bliss between bouts of manic moments. Stress can takes its toll on you physically, mentally, and motivationally.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our daily grind, we can’t even see the simple ways to alleviate the stresses of being alive. In order to maintain our health, we need to find ways to combat stress. While a bad day won’t necessarily compromise your health, compounding weeks or months of stress will dampen your immune system and raise your risk for disease. According to the American Psychological Association, only 29 percent of people dealing with stress say they’re doing an excellent or very good job at managing or reducing it.

So with that in mind, here are simple ten tips to overcoming even the most grizzly of days.

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Strange Ways to Manage Pain

by   -  April 27th, 2015

Pain in life is inevitable, but the way we manage it can vary from person to person. Some people are able to grin and bear it, while others might cringe just at the thought. Yet without pain, our body would have no way of protecting us from dangers that could become life threatening without immediate attention.

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Truth, Lies, and Family Secrets

by   -  March 23rd, 2015

by Boyrcr420, despositphotos.com
by Boyrcr420, despositphotos.com
Everyone has things they’d rather not say, and at the very least, hope to keep private. Not because they are necessarily bad, but because they don’t need to be discussed in open public forum. However, some families have a much more destructive pattern of communication, which can ultimately lead to estrangement, distrust, deter new relationships, and even preventing personal growth. There is a difference between privacy and secrets.

Privacy is simply the state of being unobserved. For example, changing your clothing. Keeping something private may include our fantasies and daydreams, feelings about the way the world works, and even our spiritual beliefs. When revealed, these private thoughts give another person some insight into the revealer.

Secrecy is the deliberate act of keeping something hidden.

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Arousing the Female Libido with Books or Medications

by   -  March 16th, 2015

by Subbotina
by Subbotina
For years, lack of sexual arousal in men has been big bucks for the pharmaceutical industry. There are 26 FDA-approved drugs on the market to boost a man’s performance and sexual drive, but not a single one for women. Perhaps that’s because a woman’s sex drive comes from her most complex organ – her brain. Goodness knows we are still trying to figure that out.

According to studies, approximately 1 in 10 women suffer from low sexual desire, and as many as 43% may be suffering from some type of sexual dysfunction. That’s a lot of women, when you think about it. With the intense interest in all things 50 Shades of Grey, and Sprout Pharmaceuticals’ push to have the first female libido enhancing drug approved by the FDA – perhaps 2015 is women’s year to take back their sex lives.

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50 Shades Readers More Likely to Suffer Mental Health Issues

by   -  February 23rd, 2015

by urbanbuzz
by urbanbuzz
Fifty Shades of Grey, a best-selling erotic book by author E. L. James, has set book sale records worldwide and recently been turned a feature film. But what does reading a book, or now, perhaps, watching a movie, tell us about the people who seek out a storyline that contains sexual scenes that include both bondage and violent discipline? Is it possible that people who choose to read 50 Shades of Grey do so because there is violence and abuse in their own lives? Do young adults who read 50 Shades of Grey actually have more mental health issues than others?

According to a study done at Michigan State University (MSU), the answer is yes.

A Study on the Mental Health of Those Who Read 50 Shades

Amy Bonomi, chairperson and professor in MSU’s Department of Human Development and Family Studies, conducted a study with more than 650 women between the ages of 18-24 and found disturbing trends in those who chose to read 50 Shades of Grey.

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Are There Ancient Roman Origins to Valentine’s Day?

by   -  February 12th, 2015

by roxanabalint
by roxanabalint
As Cupid sets his sights (or his arrows) on lovebirds around the world soon, it’s interesting to note that this $20 billion dollar cash cow could be tied to an ancient pagan Roman festival known as Lupercalia. In fact, many traditional and even Christian holidays were once pagan in origin, as we even discussed last year at Halloween. So it should come to no surprise that Valentine’s Day could be another one of them.

Interestingly, while I consider myself fairly versed in ancient history (I actually went to school to study ancient art, history, and literature), for some reason, while researching this article, I was surprised to find its possible roots in paganism. Though it should come to no surprise, considering the ancient Romans certainly loved romance, nakedness, and fertility rites.

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8 Last-Minute Ways to Spend Family Day Together This Year

by   -  February 5th, 2015

8 Last-Minute Ways to Spend Family Day preview
In Canada, the timeframe from New Year’s Day to Good Friday has typically been a sparse one for holidays that offer some much needed time off. Family Day is currently observed the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan on the third Monday of February. For British Columbia, however, Family Day falls on the second Monday of February. In 1990, Alberta was the first province in Canada to observe Family Day as a way to celebrate the importance of families and family. History states that it was created as a way to reflect the values of family and home that were important to the pioneers who founded Alberta. Not to mention, give workers the opportunity to spend more time with their families over a long weekend.

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Could Your Credit Score Tank True Love?

by   -  February 2nd, 2015

by place4design
by place4design
Who would have thought this was a thing? Yet, funnily enough, it is. I guess it makes a bit of sense, now that I think of it. We live in a country consumed by numbers: How many Twitter followers do you have? Do you have more Facebook friends than me? How many likes did I get for that post? And so on…

If your credit is less than stellar, and you’re trying to attract a mate, experts are saying that rather than pumping your time and money into making your appearance better – you should work at bringing up your credit score.

In some ways, though, I simply can’t relate. I met my husband on Twitter, of all places. And if I were basing our relationship on his credit score, there would have been no chance. Not because his credit score stunk, but because he didn’t have one. Period. At least, not a United States based credit score. He lived in England at the time, therefor the credit he had built his entire life didn’t jive with anything we have in place over here.

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What's With The Tongue-Twisting Prescription Drug Names?

by   -  January 12th, 2015

Prescription Drugs by thinglass
Prescription Drugs by thinglass
Have you ever gotten a new prescription from your doctor and wondered how in the heck they came up with such a weird name? Not only can they be hard to pronounce, but many also need a world-class spelling bee champion in order to spell the darn things. Even they might be at a loss. So what's up with the bizarre-o combination of letters that look more like a miscellaneous ingredient in a TV dinner? Turns out, there is a method to the pharmaceutical madness. Good thing, too, because I was beginning to worry.

As it turns out, there's a lot of thought that goes into the seemingly crazy drug names.

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Get Your Passports Ready: Medical Tourism on the Rise

by   -  January 5th, 2015

by gustavofrazao
by gustavofrazao
While medical tourism is a booming industry, it's also one that for me (fortunately), I really didn't have many details on. I've always been a fairly healthy person, with reasonable health insurance coverage. So the need or desire to travel in order to get extensive work done just hasn't been a necessity of mine. That being said, the idea isn't unappealing when it all comes down to it. If you have to have something major done, saving money and getting to travel to a beautiful new place doesn't sound half bad.

For those of you unfamiliar, medical tourism is defined as traveling away from your home to acquire healthcare. You could be going to another state, or flying halfway across the world to get the medical help you need or desire. For those without health insurance, or needing medical procedures their insurance won't cover, medical tourism is an attractive alternative to the rising healthcare costs at home.

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Spending Time Outdoors Can Prevent Childhood Myopia

by   -  December 22nd, 2014

by paultarasenko
by paultarasenko
When I was a kid, if I was home, you'd probably find me somewhere outside. Either in the woods building a fort, or curled up with a book at the base of our property's willow tree, or something similar. Very rarely would you find me indoors. Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't grow up in the Stone Age. We had a TV and occasionally, more than 3 channels. Granted, there was no Internet or iPads. No Netflix or Amazon Prime. In the middle of the afternoon, you could be guaranteed to only find the news or Sesame Street on. So the choices were somewhat limited to today's standards.

When I think back and compare my childhood to that of my children, I'm amazed at the difference. While they still go outside, the thought of kicking them out the door and telling them not to come back until they're hungry induces a panic-like state. No, not in them – in me!

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10 Foods to Boost Energy & Banish the Blues This Winter

by   -  December 15th, 2014

10 Foods to Boost Energy preview
by zoryanchik
The winter doldrums can bring even the most positive of people down a few pegs. Grey, dreary days make it hard to be enthusiastic, and energetic for sure. Luckily for us, the way we handle our diet during those snow-filled days can play a role in how we feel. I'm sure most of us have room to improve our daily caloric intake – whether to improve energy levels or improve our daily outlook. The first step is recognizing where you might be deficient and making the effort to change how you eat. If you can substitute one unhealthy meal a day for some of the nutrient packed foods below, we know you'll start seeing a difference.

We've broken out the foods based on boosting energy and lifting your spirits, but don't be surprised when you see some of the foods cross paths. Try a few of them out and see how your energy and mood rise.

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Should School Campuses Have RX Vending Machines?

by   -  December 8th, 2014

RX Vending Machine preview

The debate about having vending machines in public schools was raging even when I was a kid. However, the kind of vending machines now being added to American colleges doesn't dish out Milk Duds and Pepsi. Instead, they dispense prescription medications.

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How Toxic Relationships Affect Your Health

by   -  November 24th, 2014

by Mariya_Mashich
by Mariya_Mashich
It's true, humans are social creatures - however, not all relationships are healthy for you. With all the information available at our fingertips, we have become the most planetary-aware humans to ever walk the planet. We are increasingly more aware of what happens not only at home, but also around the world. Yet sometimes, we miss the tragedies right in front of our own face.

Being involved in a toxic relationship is brutal – whether it's with a parent/child, co-worker, or our most intimate relationships. When a relationship becomes toxic, or even stressful, our bodies take a hit. Of course, no relationship is blissful and conflict-free all the time. So how do you know when your relationship has crossed the toxicity threshold?

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Why We Explain this Remembrance Day to Our Kids

by   -  November 10th, 2014

Remembrance Day (Veteran’s Day in the United States) is an important holiday to discuss with our children. However, it is also one that we may have to work at to hold their attention, particularly for the younger ones. There isn’t the prospect of candy or presents, and it entails having to explain some of the harsher realities of human nature. War, death, freedom, and valor are each as challenging as they are important to teach. But how do we get our kids to show some interest and even retain what it means to celebrate Remembrance Day or Veterans Day?

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The New Wave of Pharmacy Design & Architecture

by   -  November 6th, 2014

If you live somewhere like me, you’ve seen a pretty basic pharmacy design and layout that extends to pretty much any and every retail pharmacy. Needless to say, the architecture and design can be somewhat lacking in inspiration. Fortunately, there is a new wave in pharmacy architecture that proves to be a bit more enticing.

Traditional pharmacy architectural design generally focuses on:

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Awesome Ways to Reuse and Recycle Prescription Bottles

by   -  October 27th, 2014

If you happen to be one of the millions of people who take medications regularly, you know that prescription bottles can become a bit of a challenge. If you’re like me, you hate throwing away anything that can be composted, burned, or recycled/upcycled. Many recycling centers don’t recycle prescription bottles due to the number of plastic they are made from (typically #5). Fortunately, there are some creative, thrifty ways to re-use your bottles, and keep them out of our landfills at the same time.

Before you get started on any creative project using old pill bottles, there are three important tips to remember:

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25 Light-hearted Things to be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

by   -  October 13th, 2014

Clouds of Thanksgiving | PixelsAway, Despositphoto
Clouds of Thanksgiving | PixelsAway, Despositphoto

Tis’ the season for turkey and stuffing, cranberries and pumpkin pie… and of course, all the things to be thankful for this year. Sometimes, when we struggle with life’s ups and downs, it can be a challenge to find the little blessings bestowed in our every day life. But regardless of our circumstances, there’s always something to be thankful for.

Here’s our list of things to add to your gratitude journal this year.

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8 Unusual Ways to Jumpstart Your Brain

by   -  October 8th, 2014

Jumpstart | Photo by Genika, Despositphoto
Jumpstart | Photo by Genika, Despositphoto

We all have those moments… You know the ones. Where you have a million things to do and your brain decides to take that moment to be uncooperative. Generally speaking, it happens even to the most devoted. Research has shown that the majority of us tend to try to strong-arm our way through – pushing our minds past their limits. We skip lunch breaks, don’t stop for a breather, or even get enough sleep to make our minds perform at peak.

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Health Quotes from Canadian Pharmacy Online

by Tiffany  -  September 29th, 2014

Get inspired with health quotes and words from Canadian pharmacy online, or laugh at funny quotes about diseases and conditions. The Big Treasure Is Living Healthier!

Feel free to Pin & Share at our Pinterest board, click here.

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The New RX Pyramid

by   -  September 2nd, 2014

What influences or motivates the way we behave? According to humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow, our behaviors are motivated to achieve a certain hierarchy of needs. Maslow first introduced his concept of a hierarchy in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" and his subsequent book Motivation and Personality. This hierarchy suggests that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to other, more advanced needs.

In his hierarchy, Maslow proposed there were 5 levels of needs we each require:

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Tips Eye Chart

by Liubov Edwards  -  August 20th, 2014

Tips Eye Chart preview

Cute future eye chart to go with top 10 eye care tips by Canadian Pharmacy King. Would this make your yearly visit to the doctor more interesting? Need this for your office or home?..Hope you like it!

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Laughter is the Best Medicine: Find it on Twitter

by   -  August 11th, 2014

There’s much to be said about the uses and benefits of joining and participating on Twitter. For starters, you can find others who share a diagnosis, interest in healthcare reform, interest in specific forms of medical research, or share other interests you will want to pursue. You'll find people to ask questions of, or people to share your own resources with. This type of talk keeps you mentally healthy, which is something we all can benefit from.

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10 Things About Canada You Didn't Know

by   -  August 5th, 2014

When Americans think about Canadians, or Canada in general, a number of things pop into mind: hockey, snow, maple syrup, lots of room, free health care... even beer. But there are number of things that might surprise you about America's northern neighbor.

1. Basketball was invented by the Canadian-American sports coach, James Naismith. While James was Canadian born, he had moved to the United States by the time the game was conceived in 1891.

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Does Being Religious Make You Prone To Depression?

by   -  July 14th, 2014

Does Religion help with depression preview

Religion and spirituality certainly offer their share of benefits, but research regarding its ability to stave off depression is mixed.

Depression is described as a state where the sufferer experiences “feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, worthlessness, and of being out of control."

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Canada Day on Granville Island

by Tiffany  -  July 2nd, 2014

See the Canada Day parade, live jazz performances & more at Granville Island.

Canada Day on Granville Island preview

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Keep Your Mind Sharp with 6 Tips

by   -  June 9th, 2014

As we get older, we’ve been told it is normal for our brains to shrink in size and our memory to be compromised. However, Alzheimer’s and Dementia are not inevitable to our future. In fact, brain mass loss can be slowed down or halted all together with a little bit of knowledge.

Here are 6 tips provided by CanadianPharmacyKing.com to keeping your mind healthy as you age:

1. Move that body.

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Ignore your Mom: 10 Summer Myths Debunked

by   -  May 28th, 2014

Every kid across the globe has heard a few summer myths slip out of their parent’s mouths – some with the intent of scaring the pants off of you. In fact, I’m certain we’ve all grown up with a few doozies. To start your summer off on a lighthearted foot – we’re going to debunk a few of those myths and give you some we deserved clarity.

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Canadian Pharmacy King Pop Quiz!

by   -  May 5th, 2014

It's true; we enjoy keeping our readers well informed, and on their toes. So with that in mind, we have our first Canadian Pharmacy King Pop Quiz to help you uncover some great information you definitely want to know about. Now's the time to get some insights you may have missed, but most of all have some fun!

1.) What should you be sure to have with you if your medicine is confiscated while traveling?

a. Extra medicine

b. A cellphone

c. A letter from your doctor

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Mowing the Lawn with Allergies

by CanadianPharmacyKing  -  April 30th, 2014

Hey, did you mow your lawn in the backyard? If you have allergies, mowing the lawn is not an ideal thing to be doing. Consider hiring someone to do the lawn, or wearing a mask and gloves, will give you a lot of relief.

Mow your lawn preview

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Tips for Open House

by Mark Reeve   -  March 26th, 2014

Tips for Open House preview

Prescription drug addicts reportedly are targeting open houses. Clean your med cabinet and store meds in car boot before OPEN HOUSE!

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Use Your Phone to Track Your Pills

by Krasna  -  March 19th, 2014

"There's an app for that" became a funny tagline a few years ago, when the world of smartphones was new. Now it's just a commonplace assumption. Have something you need help with? Go see if there's an app" and there probably is.

The other day, I was checking the app that keeps track of my blood pressure, and looking to see how many steps I walked this week, and I got to wondering if there were apps to keep track of your prescriptions and supplements. I don't know about you, but I find it hard to remember what I've taken. Maybe I'm just lucky that none of the things I take are for life-or-death reasons.

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5 Tips to Overcome Daylight Savings Time Fatigue

by   -  March 8th, 2014

Whether you love it, or hate it; it's hard to imagine life without daylight savings time (DSL). Around since 1916, daylight savings time affects billions of people each year. For those of us in the United States and Canada, get ready to change your clocks on March 9th, 2014 at 2:00am.

While daylight savings is meant to conserve energy, the truth of the matter is, adjusting to the time-shift can be hard. If you're in one of the seventy countries around the world that observes DSL, here are a few tips to make the transition a tad bit easier as we prepare to spring ahead an hour.

daylight time saving preview

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Another Look at Getting Fixed

by Krasna  -  March 6th, 2014

Here's a clever and interesting recent quote from philosophersmail.com: "An interest in - improvement is a sign of hope; hope that we'll work out how to fix stuff: wars, inequality, battery life, anger, dropped signals and - most important of all (yet most secretly) - ourselves."

It's interesting because the word "fix" isn't often used with the word "hope." Yes, we hope for peace, equality, long battery life, tranquility and good cellular coverage.

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A Spoonful of Sugar

by Krasna  -  February 14th, 2014

It makes the medicine go down, right?

And that's not all the delightful things sugar can do"a good thing, since we eat over 50 pounds of it (24kg) each year.

There's plenty of evidence that a moderate amount of sugar is quite a good source of energy, and it makes our skin plump and glowing as well. The sugar industry reminds us that it's much better for us than other kinds of sweeteners. So maybe a little isn't a bad thing.

And let's not forget that you can't really have good chocolate without getting some sugar...

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