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10 Health and Wellness Trends for 2019 to Keep Your Eyes On

by Carissa Andrews  -  January 21st, 2019

Photo Credit: by Hilary C. Anderson, flickr.com
Photo Credit: by Hilary C. Anderson, flickr.com

With the New Year officially upon us, many people (myself included) are looking for a fresh start to their health and wellness. Maybe you raided the Christmas cookies or indulged in one too many “spirits” for New Year’s Eve…or maybe you simply want to continue on your mission to be the best version of you possible. Whatever your reason to jump start your new year health and wellness resolutions, you’ve come to the right place. We thought we would dive into ten of the most interesting and prevalent health and wellness trends hitting the scene for 2019. They range the gambit from self-care, to healthcare, and so much more. So, if you’re ready to get started, let’s take a look at the trends to pay attention to this year.

1. Detoxing

For most people, in order to truly embrace a healthy lifestyle and boost their overall wellbeing, it first means starting with a detox. For 2019, three major detoxes will be taking the stage. A

Sugar detox

– Sugar is in practically everything we eat. Somehow or other, its hidden in even the foods you’d never think had a ton of sugar: burger buns, anyone? Most of the time, it’s hidden in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCs), and it’s completely bad for us. Add on top a soda or two, an energy drink, or even too many cups of sugary coffee and we’re well over WHO’s recommended sugar limit of less than 10% of total calories consumed for adults.

Caffeine detox

– We live in an on-the-go world where everything has to happen right now. So, the way most of us cope is by upping the ante and pulling up our big girl/guys pants. And by pants, I mean a steaming hot cup of coffee. Unfortunately, too much caffeine isn’t good for a person—just like sugar. Can you believe it? Not only can it lead to weight gain, thanks to the increase in cortisol if you have too much—but you can also burn out your adrenal gland, too. Double not good. Keep your java (or other caffeine source) fix to a minimum of 2 cups a day (sans sugar!) and you’ll be on the right track.

Digital Detoxing

– I don’t know about you, but in my circle of friends, we spend a LOT of time on devices. Then again, we’re writers, creators, designers, etc. The push this year is to spend more time disconnecting from digital and reconnecting more with those around us. Does this sound like you, too? Even our kids spend way too much time on technology and it’s high time we all do a digital detox to feel more grounded in the real world. Set a timer and remind yourself to take a 15-minute digital break every hour and see how transformative it is.

2. Eco-Keto

– The ketogenic diet hit the scene last year and was driven quickly to popularity. While there was plenty of push-back from the health community, it does have its good points and you’ll likely see keto morph a bit into an eco-friendly version that works similarly to its high-fat/high-protein counterpart. The only difference will be the lack of animal fats/proteins in order to gain ketogenesis.

3. Brain Food

– I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pretty passionate about brain food for the past couple of years (call it an occupational hazard when it comes to trying to keep my brain working optimally to write), but the rest of the world is starting to catch on. With the rise of Alzheimer’s and Dementia-related diseases, keeping our brains in tip top shape means being preventative. Keeping our brains healthy through diet and exercise is crucial. Our food choices can make or break how our mind functions. Foods like salmon, mackerel, anchovies, dark leafy greens, berries (particularly black berries, dark cherries, blueberries, goji berries, etc.). This also means, foods detrimental to brain-boosting are definitely out. Processed foods, transfats, and HFC are definitely going to go down in flames this year.

4. CBD

– The United States Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill, which makes it legal to cultivate hemp for medical and non-psychedelic purposes. This means products made with cannabidiol (CBD) can be produced without legal ramifications. The uses and possibilities are endless (edibles, drinks, medicines, and more). The benefits of CBD encompass so much, too—better sleep, digestion help, erectile dysfunction support, and so much more.

5. Mesonutrients

– Along with wanting to be more brain-benefiting with our foods, you will likely see others starting to obsess over how the foods we eat actively affect our bodies. To give you a better idea of what mesonutrients are, remember, macronutrients are your protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals they have. Mesonutrients are the active components that makes them so good for you. For example, you probably know turmeric is super healthy for you. But do you know why? It’s mesonutrient (active component) curcumin is what makes this spice an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, neurogenesis spurring powerhouse.

6. Subscription and App Training

– Workout videos and going to the gym are so last year. Instead, more and more people are seeking activity via specialized workout apps. These training apps and subscription-based services abound for your device of choice and range from full workouts you can follow along to (like Beachbody OnDemand), to customized workouts the app algorithms determine for you (like My Fitness by Jillian Michaels). I, for one, have used both and love the versatility they provide when I’m pressed for time and needing to find a quick workout. You can even dive into Live-Streamed classes with top fitness gurus by using FIIT TV.

7. Self-care

– Did I mention we live in a crazy-paced world? I’m pretty sure I did. This is the year, though, that we start taking back some of our own time and reclaiming our health. To many of us, it means prioritizing self-care and putting ourselves first. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Right? If you’re looking for ideas on how to put self-care back into your day, start with enjoyable, low-key events like bubble baths, meditating, going out for a massage (or Reiki session!), and even finding time to simply take walks in nature. Your body and mind will thank you in a reduction of cortisol (stress hormone) and maybe even a little more well-being.

8. Intuitive Nutrition

– Counting calories has been around for ages. And truth be told, it gets kinda old. As it turns out, lots of other people are feeling the same way. Instead of the traditional calorie counter, you’ll likely see people paying more attention to what foods make them feel best. This includes those brain foods, understanding the mesonutrients, and overall listening to our own bodies to know when they’re really hungry, thirsty, or even full.

9. Energy healing

– As a Reiki Master myself, this trend is not at all new to me, but it might be new to you. Searches online for “energy healing,” “crystal healing,” and “reiki” have shot up over the years. As it turns out, people are yearning for a more inclusive healing modality. Our current healthcare system is sorely lacking in compassion and holistic healing, if you ask me. Don’t be surprised if you hear more people going in for a Reiki session (Japanese hands-on healing technique), Healing Hands session, or even crystal healing session. The options are bountiful.

10. The 6 Keys

– One of my favorite health and wellness gurus, Jillian Michaels, is on to something and I think it’s going to be big this year. Her latest book, The 6 Keys recently came out and it’s already become a #1 Bestseller. We all want to be fitter, stronger, thinner, and feel like we have more energy and vitality. In this latest book – which is also a workout regimen and diet plan – Jillian digs deep on the 6 keys that can change the way our bodies respond to virtually everything. As she explains, we can unlock our genetic potential to live a long, potent, and age-defying life.

Looking over these 10 trends, it’s safe to say 2019’s theme is all about holistic wellbeing. Taking care of our bodies and minds the way they were meant to be can take a little bit of mindfulness. This starts with detoxing from the stuff wreaking havoc on our bodies and then adding in all the goodies that makes us feel better. We hope you find this list of trends useful as you start on your new wellness adventure. May 2019 be a great year to get on the right foot and create the healthy life you’ve always dreamed of.


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