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Demi Lovato: Start Conversations on Living Well with Mental Illness

by Natasha Tracy  -  February 28th, 2017

Demi Lovato: Start Conversations on Living Well with Mental Illness preview
Demi Lovato is one of the most successful former Disney kids turn pop starts and she’s using her fame to advocate for those with mental health conditions. Demi Lovato lives with bipolar disorder. But Lovato doesn’t just live with bipolar disorder, she lives well with bipolar disorder.

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Is Mental Viagra a Real Thing?

by Liubov Edwards  -  February 23rd, 2017

Is Mental Viagra a Real Thing preview

Kisspeptin, a hormone, found in chocolate, is responsible for the voracious sexual appetite of young people during puberty. Scientists have found that an injection of the hormone triggers a chemical reaction in the brain which can make people feeling sexy, romantic and turned on.

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How Modern Health Care is Being Revolutionized by Social Media

by CANPharmacyKing  -  February 20th, 2017

Social media has helped change many industries for the better. One sector that has had the most impact in recent years is the health industry. Social media along with the Internet has revolutionized the way people find and view Health Care information. Patients no longer have to wait over the phone or in medical practices to get the information they seek.

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Brain Benefits from Mediterranean Diet

by Liubov Edwards  -  February 15th, 2017

Brain Benefits from Mediterranean Diet preview

A new study reveals that following a Mediterranean diet has a positive impact on brain health in elderly people.

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Will FDA Approvals in 2017 Fair Better Than 2016?

by Carissa Andrew  -  February 6th, 2017

Will FDA Approvals in 2017 Fair Better Than 2016 preview
There is a lot of upheaval happening in the United States right now and the FDA is certainly not immune to its effects. With the transition of power to the Trump Administration on January 20th, a lot has been left to uncertainty.

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Got Kidney Stones? Try Roller Coaster

by Liubov Edwards  -  February 1st, 2017

Kidney Stones can cure Roller Coaster preview

A pang in the back, a kick to the lower abdomen and an urgency in the bladder - are the most common symptoms that often come with passing a kidney stone. It is unpleasant, but it is better to displace little stones before they become big ones and their removal may require a surgical operation.

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