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What To Put On Your 2017 Sexual To Do List

by   -  January 30th, 2017

2017 Sexual To Do List preview

Now that we're about three weeks into the 2-17, you've probably already broken a few of your New Year's Resolutions. Perhaps you've already cheated on your new diet and aren't working out daily as you planned. Well, it's not too late to change your resolution to something more fun that you'll want to stick to - Have more and better sex!

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Reading Approved As A New RX

by Liubov Edwards  -  January 25th, 2017

Reading Therapy preview

Reading is not only fun, but also it brings great benefits to your health. Bibliotherapy, or book therapy - is the practice of using books to help people cope with mental, physical, emotional, and social problems.

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Bothered by Dry Eyes? The Latest Care and Treatment

by Michael J. Butler  -  January 23rd, 2017

dry eye care and treatment preview

The subject of the condition of Dry Eyes is known by many, as sufferers but they and indeed, many others may not know many of the details of the condition, the effects and indeed, the latest treatments available. In the following text, we detail many of the aspects of the condition known as, Dry Eyes.

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How to Help Someone with Diogenes Syndrome

by Liubov Edwards  -  January 18th, 2017

Getting along with Diogenes Syndrome preview

This condition is most common among elderly people and associated with the development of dementia. Affected by this syndrome, they neglect personal hygiene, become hoarders, isolate themselves from outside world.

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Making Your New Year's Resolutions Success

by Liubov Edwards  -  January 12th, 2017

Getting along with Diogenes Syndrome preview

After the lovely festive season is time for making resolutions. Unfortunately many of us fail after just several attempts to follow them. We all know how hard it is, but luckily there are psychological methods that can help:

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How Thyroid Disease Impacts Infertility in Both Men and Women

by   -  January 10th, 2017

How Thyroid Disease Impacts Infertility in Both Men and Women preview
January is Thyroid Disease Awareness month. Thyroid disease affects approximately 200 million people around the world, and about 20 million of them right here in America.

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Don't Let Stroke Ruin Your Weekend or Holiday

by   -  January 3rd, 2017

Don't Let Stroke Ruin Your Weekend or Holiday preview

Strokes are striking people at younger ages than ever before. While overall incidents have come down, those under 55 years old have seen an uptick in strokes. According to a study done by the American Heart Association and released in May 2016, it found between 2000 and 2010, there was a sharp 44% increase of strokes for people age 25-44. This in turn continues to support a recent 2012 study, which found the average age for a first-time stroke is dropping.

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