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The Movie Treatment

by Liubov Edwards  -  November 12th, 2015

The Movie Treatment preview

“Lazy eye" or amblyopia affects 2-3 in every 100 children in the US. The most common treatment for this condition so far is the placement of a patch over the stronger eye for quite a long time, so the only weaker eye will be used.

But the new study shows, that watching dichotic movies for 9 hours ( three dichoptic movies each week for 2 weeks) improves the conditions significantly and very fast. For example, 120 hours of patching treatment results in one line improvement of visual activity, but 9 hours of watching dichoptic movies results in about four lines improvement.

If after controlled clinical trial, the result are confirmed, the viewing of dichotic films can be used as a primary, supplemental, or maintenance treatment for amblyopia.

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