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Probiotics: Follow Your Gut Feeling

by Liubov Edwards  -  June 10th, 2015

Probiotics: Follow Your Gut Feeling

Nowadays antibiotics can be found everywhere, they are unavoidable; they are in meat, in water, in soap and mouthwash. Antibiotics are used in agriculture on animals as preventative measure. They are used in quite high amounts, so antibiotic residues can remain in the meat. Antibiotics used, for example, in antibacterial soaps are flushed down the drain and unlike solid waste they are not removed from the water in water treatment facilities, and eventually the water recycled back into the water supply.

Antibiotics and antimicrobials are killers, but together with harmful bacteria they kill beneficial bacteria too. That is why after taking antibiotics you have to heal your gut with help of probiotics and prebiotics.


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