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FDA Approved Bipolar Depression Medications

by   -  December 29th, 2014

Bipolar Medications by paulistano, despositphoto.com
Bipolar Medications by paulistano, despositphoto.com
When treating bipolar disorder (bipolar depression or bipolar mania/hypomania) a psychiatrist has many medications from which to choose. Typically, though, a doctor will choose a medication approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for that specific indication first. Doctors, however, do always have the options of prescribing medications approved for other uses as well.

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Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas

by Tiffany  -  December 23rd, 2014

A Merry Christmas to All Our Coworkers and Customers!

A Taiwanese friend bought me this gorgeous plant as a Christmas Gift. It is called Angel's Trumpet or Brugmansia, which is a tropical plant longs to the family called Solanaceae.

The leaves of Brugmansia are 6-8' long. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and can grow up to 20' long. They can come in shades of white, pink, peach, yellow or orange.

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Spending Time Outdoors Can Prevent Childhood Myopia

by   -  December 22nd, 2014

by paultarasenko
by paultarasenko
When I was a kid, if I was home, you'd probably find me somewhere outside. Either in the woods building a fort, or curled up with a book at the base of our property's willow tree, or something similar. Very rarely would you find me indoors. Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't grow up in the Stone Age. We had a TV and occasionally, more than 3 channels. Granted, there was no Internet or iPads. No Netflix or Amazon Prime. In the middle of the afternoon, you could be guaranteed to only find the news or Sesame Street on. So the choices were somewhat limited to today's standards.

When I think back and compare my childhood to that of my children, I'm amazed at the difference. While they still go outside, the thought of kicking them out the door and telling them not to come back until they're hungry induces a panic-like state. No, not in them – in me!

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Easy Tips to Buy Cialis

by Liubov Edwards  -  December 18th, 2014

Easy Tips to Buy Cialis preview

There can be different causes leading to ED, and finding them is very important to get the right treatment in time. Sometimes loosing points off a credit score can seriously affect ones sex life. In this case you need to seek not only a professional medical help and start taking a prescribed medication like Cialis, but also find a proper financial adviser and get your finances sorted.

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10 Foods to Boost Energy & Banish the Blues This Winter

by   -  December 15th, 2014

10 Foods to Boost Energy preview
by zoryanchik
The winter doldrums can bring even the most positive of people down a few pegs. Grey, dreary days make it hard to be enthusiastic, and energetic for sure. Luckily for us, the way we handle our diet during those snow-filled days can play a role in how we feel. I'm sure most of us have room to improve our daily caloric intake – whether to improve energy levels or improve our daily outlook. The first step is recognizing where you might be deficient and making the effort to change how you eat. If you can substitute one unhealthy meal a day for some of the nutrient packed foods below, we know you'll start seeing a difference.

We've broken out the foods based on boosting energy and lifting your spirits, but don't be surprised when you see some of the foods cross paths. Try a few of them out and see how your energy and mood rise.

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How to End the Multiple Sclerosis Crisis

by Liubov Edwards  -  December 11th, 2014

Multiple Sclerosis Crisis preview

Recognizing the emotions other people feel is crucial for establishing proper interpersonal relations. The latest study shows that people suffering from multiple sclerosis not only have trouble with recognizing other people's facial expressions and emotions but also with "reading" body language conveyed by posture.

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Should School Campuses Have RX Vending Machines?

by   -  December 8th, 2014

RX Vending Machine preview

The debate about having vending machines in public schools was raging even when I was a kid. However, the kind of vending machines now being added to American colleges doesn't dish out Milk Duds and Pepsi. Instead, they dispense prescription medications.

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Photos from Candrug's Christmas Party 2014

by Tiffany  -  December 4th, 2014

Those photos were taken on Nov 29 from Candrug's Merry Christmas Party 2014.

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What is Bipolar Psychosis?

by   -  December 1st, 2014

by DrKan
by DrKan

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that is typified by episodes of an extremely elevated or energized mood (including symptoms like grandiosity, increased pleasure-seeking, and agitation) and episodes of a severely depressed mood(including symptoms like changes in appetite and sleep and an inability to experience pleasure). Euthymic (non-symptomatic) periods are also possible for people with bipolar disorder.

But what many people don't realize is that psychosis is a part of bipolar disorder mania for up to 40% of people with bipolar disorder, according to researchers at Duke University. And while psychosis is typically associated with mania, psychosis can also occur during depressive episodes.

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