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Mowing the Lawn with Allergies

by CanadianPharmacyKing  -  April 30th, 2014

Hey, did you mow your lawn in the backyard? If you have allergies, mowing the lawn is not an ideal thing to be doing. Consider hiring someone to do the lawn, or wearing a mask and gloves, will give you a lot of relief.

Mow your lawn preview

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What Country Pays Most for Prescription Drugs?

by   -  April 28th, 2014

On average, Americans pay fifty percent higher prices than other industrialized nations for prescription drugs. Yes, you read that right: fifty percent more. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to most of you. It certainly doesn't to me.

My husband is originally from the U.K., where most prescription costs are a good 49% cheaper than they are here.

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Complimentary Wellness: Reiki

by   -  April 23rd, 2014

When I was first introduced to Reiki, I was twenty-three and just diving into the idea of alternative therapies. I grew up on a household with a brother who was born with a brain tumor, and an aunt with Down syndrome. I was no stranger to doctors, hospitals, and medicines. I also come from a mixed house of skeptics and alternative spirituality believers. It was no odd occurrence to have a tarot reading taking place in the kitchen, while a discussion on the ramifications of global warming and the latest research was also taking place in the living room.

I have always treaded a fine line between those two worlds. As someone who feels deeply tied to my family, it was natural to hunt for new and safer ways to heal the body. Reiki ended up being that for me.

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Better than a Helmet

by Liubov Edwards  -  April 21st, 2014

Better than a Helmet preview

Spring is coming which means that pollen allergy is coming too! And instead of wearing helmets or spending all the time indoors, some allergy patients might be able to feel a little more comfortable than usual this spring. Thanks to new form of allergy medicine, called Oralair, which is simply taken under the tongue.

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Easter and After

by Liubov Edwards  -  April 18th, 2014

Easter and after preview

Easter is coming and Easter Bunny hurries up to bring children their chocolate eggs. But the next day the chocolate lovers' parents are calling for a Post-Easter bunny to supply them with anti-allergy medicine.

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Easter Candy: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

by   -  April 16th, 2014

Easter Candy preview
by iofoto
Easter is right around the corner, and who among us doesn't love indulging on a Cadbury Crème Egg or a Peep or two (or four)? The candy industry gets a huge boon this time of year, in fact a 2 .1 billion dollar one. Yes, that's spelled with a B.

No one is really sure where the tradition of hot cross buns morphed into another commercialized frenzy for confectionary, but one thing's for sure; overindulging in this tradition can hit more than just in your wallet. What I'm about to tell you isn't as sexy as satisfying that sweet tooth, but a little food for thought never hurt anybody.

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Tips on Travelling Abroad with Medications

by CanadianPharmacyKing  -  April 14th, 2014

We understand preparing to travel abroad is both exciting and quite possibly nerve-wracking. There are lots of variables to consider and some you might miss if you aren't careful. When it comes to bringing along medications, one thing is for sure; it can be especially stressful when having to think about all of the requirements and restrictions. The TSA has very specific rules and guidelines to take note of. The good news is we've done most of the hard work for you. From preparing for your trip with your doctor, to the guidelines for packing your medications and even security screenings' we've got you covered.

Travel Abroad with Medications preview

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Medicine Wanted! Old age Bonnie and Clyde

by Liubov Edwards  -  April 10th, 2014

Medicine wanted preview

The proverb saying a leopard can't change his spots can be applied to this situation. If Bonnie and Clyde would have lived till old age they would not be able to change their life style. The only difference would have been that instead of robbing banks they would switched to pharmacies, and instead of asking for money they would asked for medication.

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Cellphones and Seniors: A Guide to Buying New Technology

by   -  April 7th, 2014

According to recent report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, as few as 18% of seniors are using smartphones, despite growing popularity and trends. Only 39% of adults age 55-64 have them.

As a daughter of two Baby Boomers, I understand how hard it is for even the most willing older adults to latch on to the latest technology.

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Pharmacist Lunch Break

by Liubov Edwards  -  April 2nd, 2014

Pharmacist lunch break preview

A true pharmacist will always be a pharmacist. Even during his lunch break.

Feeding pigeons in park is popular and fun, also a human natural behavior. But there are dozens of reasons Why NOT to Feed the pigeons.

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