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Home Safety Tips with a Twist

by Jane R. LeBlanc  -  February 6th, 2014

These safety tips are great for seniors and younger folk, alike. You can never be too safe around the house. Now, a night on the town? That’s a different story.

• Make sure all rugs in the house have a non-slip backing. Have a rug a dear friend gave you that you secretly hate? Now you have a reason to stow it away!

• Install grab bars in the bathroom by the toilet and tub. They’ll provide stability in these often-slippery areas (and serve as a great place to drape wet pantyhose).

• Leave a light on in the bathroom at night. It’ll be easier to navigate the area. Plus, nothing wakes you up faster than tripping into the toilet.

• Speaking of light, keep a flashlight by your bed. You never know when you’ll need immediate light or have the urge to tell a ghost story.

• Sign up for a medical alert system. It’s hard to always keep your phone on you, but a bracelet or necklace provides a convenient way to get help to your home when you need it. Just don’t abuse the system – no pressing the button for instant dinner company.

• Change smoke alarm batteries on your birthday each year, that way it’s easier to remember the once-a-year task. Also, nothing says Happy Birthday like new batteries in a smoke detector.

• Avoid wearing long or loose clothing when cooking over the stove. Or order in and wear whatever the heck you want!

• Use a coffee maker or kettle with an automatic shut off. No one can remember anything before his or her first cup of coffee or tea.

• Make sure all electric equipment bears the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label. UL is a global leader in testing and inspection of these items. Plus, it makes your electric equipment seem super fancy and official.

• Always get up slowly after sitting or lying down. Take your time and get your bearings. Remember, body parts may have shifted during naptime.


*All safety tips taken from www.aplaceformom.com and Colorado State University.


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