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5 Reasons We Love the Winter Olympics

by Carissa Andrews  -  February 25th, 2014

The whole world has been glued to it; the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, that is. Kicking off on Thursday, February 6th and finishing up Sunday, February 23rd, the Winter Olympics imbues us all with a mystical fascination as we watch.

But why do we love the Winter Olympics so?

As a child, I grew up glued to the figure skating competition, wondering how on earth it was possible to move the way they did on a pair of metal blades - and I come from a place where ice and snow abounds. As I've gotten older, I believe the fascination really moves deeper.

1. Flying Our Flag

We all love rooting for our own country (or perhaps country of choice) in the world-renowned platform. Who doesn't love seeing how our athletes fair against those from around the world? I know I do.

Dr Jekylle a winning transformation

2. Endless Inspiration

This is where my inner child skips for glee as I sit with my son curled up next to me while we watch the figure skaters. I love seeing the same awe in his eyes I once had. In addition, the athletes and their stories of triumph, both in physicality and in their life stories, inspire all of us to be better and do more. What could get better than that?

3. All About Sports

Let's face it; there are some of us who are all about the sports and the competition. With 15 different winter sports to root for, and over 95 events to pick from - how could you not? I'd love to know which ones are your favorite, so leave comment below.

4. What About Those Outfits?

Perhaps this is more a woman's thing"but checking out all the outfits worn by each team is a favorite Olympic pastime of mine. Particularly in the figure skating costumes, because they can get pretty creative. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

5. Global Comradery

Over all, however, I believe the Winter Olympics provides us with a comradery that connects us worldwide. During one brief moment in time, the whole world is watching and experiencing the same thing. How often does that happen? We need to take advantage of the synchronicity and enjoy it while we can.


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